Audrey Roloff Called Out For Overusing Filters: ‘Two Different People’

In the past, former Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff has been accused of using filters on social media to make her children’s hair look red like hers. Fans think it’s odd that she seems to want her kids’ hair to match hers so badly that she edits the photos this way. Now, Audrey is being called out again for how she uses filters on her Instagram posts. It seems like everyone is tired of her looking fake in all of her photos.

Audrey Roloff looks totally different with filters

On Reddit, followers of the Roloff family are discussing the major differences between a couple of Audrey’s recent photos on social media. One user says she looks like two different people in these snaps.

Some of the filters Audrey uses change the colors of her photos. Others smooth her skin to hide any potential flaws. Some of her social media followers think these filters make her look fake and that they don’t show the real her. She tries to be authentic in her social media posts by getting honest about her life and how she feels. But then she also hides her appearance. Many LPBW fans have taken issue with this and have commented on her posts about it.

It’s unlikely that Audrey Roloff will stop using filters anytime soon. Plenty of other influencers and social media users use filters, but some have decided to stop using them to make their photos appear more realistic. Audrey has denied that she’s altered the color of her kids’ hair in photos before, but her social media followers don’t know why else the kids’ hair would look different in every photo.

Audrey Roloff Called Out For Overusing Filters: ‘Two Different People’

Audrey Roloff called out for improperly using makeup

Also in the Reddit post, users are questioning how she applied her makeup. In one snap, she’s wearing huge false eyelashes. One user describes them as “ridiculous,” as another writes, “I guess she has doesn’t realize how bad they look. None of these reality show women know anything about makeup.”

Another Reddit user comments, “I thought they were dressing for Halloween when I saw those enormous eyelashes.”

Though Audrey and the kids don’t always look “natural” in the photos she shares, other family members have shared different pictures that don’t feature filters or heavy makeup. In the past, fans have commented on the color differences in the kids’ hair when comparing the photos shared.

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