Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Offers Roloff Farms To Be Amy’s Wedding Venue

There’s no love lost between Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff in Little People, Big World. Even though the two have already separated, they still care for each other in some way. In a new preview clip for the show’s upcoming season, Matt makes Ami a kind offer for her wedding.

Chris and Amy’s Wedding Plans

Viewers may recall that Chris Marek, Amy’s fiancé, made his wedding proposal back in 2019. They were supposed to get married in 2020 but because of the pandemic, their nuptials got postponed. Amy Roloff teased on social media that they may finally get to exchange their vows this coming August.

The reality star has been open about her wedding plans and constantly provides updates about it on her Instagram account. Amy has picked out the perfect wedding dress and she’s also done with her bachelorette party. Now, fans are wondering about the wedding venue.

In upcoming scenes, the Roloff family’s patriarch, offered the Roloff farms to be the venue for Amy’s wedding. Will she accept the offer?

Caryn, Matt, Chris, and Amy’s Outdoor Lunch

As Amy and Chris plan their wedding, they invite Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn, over.

“I don’t even remember a time where the four of us were together without, you know, being surrounded by other friends family,” Caryn said.

“That I just was hoping it was going to be pleasant. I brought some wine and when she [Amy] started to open it, I was like, yes!” she added.

As the couples enjoy their outdoor lunch together, the topic of the wedding venue comes up.

“Well, you know, it’s talking about all these cancellations, it’s… it’s really about finding a venue first,” Chris said.

“We think you should do it at the farm,” Matt suggested.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Offers Roloff Farms To Be Amy’s Wedding Venue

Amy’s Reaction To The Offer

Amy didn’t seem excited at the idea of holding the wedding at the farm. Fans have to wait and see what Amy’s response will be. In the clip, she simply said, “I’m not sure about that.” For now, one thing’s for sure. Chris is excited at the thought of getting married at the farm. He even said that Matt has been “adamant” about it.

Amy still has a sore spot for the farm, which she still owes a part of. She knows that Matt wants to buy it from her. But aside from her ex-husband, Zach Roloff is interested, as well.

“When my mom moved off the farm, I put my hat in the ring to possibly buy her out on the north side,” Zack said. But he also revealed that he’s holding off on the thought for now since someone is still living on that side of the farm.

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