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Little People, Big World Star Tori Roloff Defends Her Pricey Furniture Purchase

The mom of two and star of the TLC reality TV show Little People, Big World is not usually known for buying pricey items and furniture, but her latest furniture purchase left her fans awed and asking questions. Tori Roloff insists she’ll make the purchase again and she didn’t regret it.

Tori Roloff on Her Couch Purchase

While Tori Roloff admitted that spending so much money on a piece of furniture is not something she normally indulges in, she did stand by her couch purchase saying that she loves it. The leather couch caught the attention of her fans and they wanted to know where she got it. She explained that it came from Macy’s, and a few of her fans freaked out when they found out that the couch came with an over $5,000 price tag.

Little World, Big People viewers commented that they couldn’t believe that she would spend that much money on a couch. Tori quickly responded by saying that the couch didn’t cost that much, and as they bought it on sale all they actually spent on it was only closer to $3,000.

Some of her fans still weren’t ready to give her a pass and still insisted that it was costly even at that price. But Little People, Big World’s Tori Roloff believes that it was worth every penny, insisting that she is happy with her purchase. Since everyone has spent most of their time during the pandemic quarantining at home, it’s predictable that Tori would spend more money on her furniture than she might otherwise have as she now stays indoors mostly.

Little People, Big World Star Tori Roloff Defends Her Pricey Furniture Purchase

Tori Relates To Her Struggles after Having a Miscarriage

Tori Roloff revealed that she went through a hard time after her miscarriage, but she has started to feel like herself again. The mom of two, who recently turned 30, has tanned and cut her hair and now gets out of the house more, as she tries to pull herself out from the depression she faced.

Despite recently facing what she called the hardest time of her life, Tori still wants to be the best mom to her two little kids: Jackson and Lilah Roloff.

To celebrate her birthday, her husband Zach got some of her loved ones together and they celebrated it with treats. Fans congratulated her on her birthday, also adding that it was good to see her happy again.

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