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Carlin Bates Reveals Whether Evan Stewart is Ready for Baby No. 2

Are Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart thinking about adding another child to their family? It looks like they’re considering it. Right now, the pair shares one-year-old Layla. It’s only a matter of time before the little girl becomes a big sister. Carlin has been hinting that she might get pregnant in the near future.

A couple of months ago, Carlin and Evan added a puppy to their family. They are loving life with Izzy Rue, and Layla loves her too. So, maybe they will continue to grow their family.

On Instagram recently, Carlin met her sister Alyssa Webster’s newest addition. When she met the baby, she mentioned that she had baby fever. At that point, some fans thought that Carlin might be ready to have another baby herself.

At this point, Carlin hasn’t announced that she’s pregnant, but that news could come soon. In a new snap, she reveals Evan’s thoughts on baby number two.

Is Evan Stewart Ready?

On her Instagram stories, Carlin posted a “show me a picture” box. Her followers could write responses and she would then post a photo of whatever they asked to see. In the box, one fan wrote, “Baby #2?”

In response, she shared a photo of Evan feeding Maci, Alyssa’s new baby, a bottle. Along with sharing the photo, Carlin wrote, “I think he is ready after holding Maci Jo last week!” She adds that he was “melting.”

Carlin Bates Reveals Whether Evan Stewart is Ready for Baby No. 2

So, it sounds like Evan is officially on board. It’s unclear when the couple’s little family will grow, but they will certainly keep their fans in the loop. They post often on Instagram and YouTube, and not a single moment goes undocumented.

How Many Kids Does Carlin Bates Want?

In the past, Carlin has joked about wanting as many as 20 kids. She hasn’t come out and said exactly how many kids she and Evan plan on having. She has shared that they do want to have more though.

So, while fans shouldn’t expect Carlin to have 20 kids, a few more are likely in her future. Carlin is one of 19 children. Some of her siblings already have four kids, so she may go that route too. Fans should be on the lookout for a pregnancy announcement from Carlin sometime soon now that Evan is warming up to the idea of another baby.

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