Adam Busby Plays Around With Special Effects Gets The Quints Giggling

Adam Busby from OutDaughtered took to his Instagram and talked about the rainy weather in Houston at the moment. Actually, it seems that he and Danielle returned from their Cancun, Mexico vacation just in time for the wet weather. At the house, the TLC kids kept themselves amused indoors. However, Adam seemed bored and distracted them with special effects that made them giggle and laugh out loud.

Adam Busby And Danielle Arrived Home To Rainy Weather

TLC fans heard that Danielle and her husband took a short vacation in Cancun, Mexico. It looked like Adam needed a break after the heavy filming schedule. Clearly, they enjoyed themselves a lot. However, when they returned home, the weather looked a bit bleak. Since then, a lot of rain fell in Houston. In fact, it came accompanied by flood warnings and thunderstorms.

The weather didn’t flood their part of town, so Adam Busby shared on Instagram that he took the kids to school. Obviously, still wet after school, the kids occupied themselves indoors. According to the Houston Chronicle, Texans might have to get used to wet weather because of climate change. Anyway, Danielle set out various crafts for the kids who made things. Parker Kate designed a unicorn. Of course, unicorns feature in everyday life in the OutDaughtered family home.

Bored dad distracts the OutDaughtered quints doing their crafts

While Danielle helped the kids who worked hard at their craft, Adam Busby encouraged them by asking what they made. Paker told her dad she made a unicorn: “a rainbow one.” However, he soon tired of it and went off to fiddle with his phone. Maybe he grew bored as watching crafting really seems a bit uninteresting. Anyway, he played around with special effects. Probably, he used one of the awesome special effects filters available on Instagram.

Adam Busby Plays Around With Special Effects Gets The Quints Giggling

Adam Busby called over his daughter Ava after he called out, “I’m a frog, Ava.” It looked very funny, Ava thought. Of course, after that, all the quints wanted to play with the filter and others. He made Riley’s teeth sparkle, and then snapped a shot of Ava and Riley also looking like frogs. The girls thought they all looked hilarious. Cleary, they also found it way more interesting than making crafts.

So Many Fun Special Effects Filters

OutDaughtered fans often see other TLC stars use filters. Sometimes, they see people use hearts and sparkles, and even filters that make people like 90 Day Fiance star Rebecca Parrot look very young. However, the frog face that Adam used really seemed very funny as the quints all giggled and laughed a lot. Adam probably made a lot of his fans smile as well.

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