Born With Albinism On TLC Sees Fans Calling For A Full Show

Born With Albinism came as special on TLC and the short docu-series takes a look at the family of Jon and Liz Grabowski. Like so many TLC shows, it features lots of kids. They have seven children and four of them suffer from Albinism. It arises when an incorrect amount of melanin exists. The genetic condition makes life a bit difficult for them.

Born With Albinism Reveals That Jon Ad Liz Contemplate More Adoptions

Some TLC fans love the idea of so many diverse people on the network. When the show premiered this week, one of them said on Twitter, “[It’s] an excellent show. It’s educational and informative. Job well done @TLC!” Then another fan on Twitter shared their feelings, saying, “I hope that they turn this into a new show!” Over on Instagram, other people spoke very approvingly about it. They certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more of this family who contemplates more adoptions.

In the Born With Albinism special, fans heard that not all the kids in the family are the biological kids of Jon and Liz. First, they raised two boys themselves. Later, they brought in Lilly, from China, Nathaniel, Kaelyn, and little Emily. The Grabowski. family also adopted Mae, also from China. However, she suffers from something else involving nerve damage that affects her arm.

Whether the family expands even more not, seems irrelevant to TLC fans who seem keen on seeing more of the family. Some fans suggest they replace the Duggar family with the Grabowskis.

Fans React To The Special On TLC’s Instagram – Want A Show For It

When TLC popped up a teaser for Born With Albinism, a lot of fans went and commented on the show. One of them said, “I’m starting to like TLC shows once again! This is what I like watching. More loving and inspiring stories ❤.” Another one who also feels happy with the show noted, “Now this, this is the TLC I remember.” Meanwhile, another fan suggested, “Looks like a good show now get rid of the Duggars.”

Born With Albinism On TLC Sees Fans Calling For A Full Show

Born With Albinism attracted almost no bad comments on Twitter and on the TLC teaser and that’s somewhat unusual. However, if you want some negativity then you’ll always be sure to find it in the comments of Instagrammer and blogger Katie Joy. The Without A Crystal Ball sleuth discovered that years ago, Liz Grabowski took down her blog. Revealing a screenshot, it showed that Liz felt disturbed posting photos of the kids as they ended up in the wrong places on social media.

Critics Disapprove Of A Full-Time Show

Kaite Joy became such a thorn in the side of the Duggar family from Counting On, one might think TLC gives Jon and Liz a show just to annoy the blogger. Jokes aside, she raises a point, noting, “in 2013,” Liz said that she took down “her blog.” Additionally, she claimed no more photos of her kids would feature again “due to the sad world.” Well, now Katie noted, “But I guess if TLC pays you – it’s ok to go on national television 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️.”

Remember to check back with us often for more news about whether TLC listens to their fans and makes Born With Albinism a full-time seasonal show.

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