Vanderpump Rules Alum Brittany Cartwright’s Baby Enjoys First Swim

Vanderpump Rules fans waited for what seemed like three years before Brittany Cartwright gave birth to the son she shares with Jax Taylor. Now aged about five weeks old, Cruz Cauchi arrived on April 12, 2021. Now, he just enjoyed his first swim in a pool ever. Bravo fans can’t get over the cute little boy wearing his shades in the water.

Vanderpump Rules Fans See Cruz Swimmung On Little Cauchi’s Instagram

Jax and Brittany Cartwright opened up an Instagram page for Cruz Michael Cauchi in November last year. At the time, he still grew inside his mom’s tummy. The first photo of their baby after his birth went up there on April 14, just two days after his birth. Later, Jax warned fans about fake accounts and gave them the link to the real baby Cauchi account. So far, their son racked up 157k followers.

The Vanderpump Rules alums often share photos on their own accounts. So, not all of them make their way to Cruz’s account. Fortunately, this week, a photo showing him enjoying his first-ever swim in a pool emerged. Actually, with full summer approaching he’s not the first reality TV baby that fans saw taking their first swim. TLC fans saw that Amy Halterman of 1000-LB Sisters took her son Gage swimming for the first time last month.

Wearing Shades Like His Dad In The Pool

Some Vanderpump Rules fans might think that Brittany and Jax put their son in a pool too early, Actually, some swimming teachers won’t take them until they are much older. Also, some people fear bacteria in the water might make the baby sick: especially in a public pool. However, it’s less likely in a well-maintained pool like the one Jax and Brittany enjoy at home. In the photo that the Bravo alums shared, their pool sparkled crystal blue.

In the photo, Vanderpump Rules fans saw that Jax held his son in the water very carefully. Fans noticed his sunglasses and they agreed that they looked totally “cute” on the little guy. The caption read, “Cruz’s first time in the pool was a success! We are so excited for summer pool days!! ☀️💙.” Actually, ever since they got the pool, the two stars revealed on their social media that they spend a lot of time using it.

Vanderpump Rules Alum Brittany Cartwright’s Baby Enjoys First Swim

Bravo Fans Comment On The Cute Little Boy Swimming

When fans saw the photos, of course, they just had to comment. One of them said, “Oh my Lordy cute as [a] little heart ❤️ breaker.” Then, another one wrote “Those shades!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.” Lots of “cuteness overload” comments also went in. Meanwhile, others suggested sun lotions for Jax and Brittany’s baby. Really, it looks like plenty of happy summer days await them in the months to come.

Remember to check back with us often for more news and spoilers about Cruz, the son of Bravo alums Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules.

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