Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown’s Temper – Is He Violent With His Wife?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Kody Brown may have a very bad temper. Ever since the last season premiered, we saw so much drama and emotions. The wives have pretty much had it with Kody and even Christine Brown is ready to move back to Utah and not have to deal with him anymore. Janelle Brown seemed to be the only wife that was standing by him, but now there are rumors that her house is for sale. Could this mean the end of them too? The craziest part about all of this is that there are also rumors swirling that he may be violent.

Christine and Kody’s Marriage Woes

One of the major reasons that Christine wants to move back to Utah is because the state has decriminalized polgyamy. Christine sees this as a big sign for her and her family. Many fans were shocked when Kody didn’t even seem to support his daughter when she had to fly to New York to have back surgery. He blamed the pandemic, but fans of the show felt like he just didn’t want to show his support for his family.

There has been a lot of speculation about Christine and Kody’s marriage for a while now and from her Instagram account, it seems like she is ready to move on or at least move out. There is another hint about their marriage and it all started because she made a post about supporting groups against domestic violence.

Christine’s Charity Post

Christine recently posted on Instagram and it was a picture of a Facebook Live that was for a group against domestic violence. She captioned the post, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can choose not to be reduced by them.” -Maya Angelou.” One fan wrote to her, “I agree all 4 of you just need to get away from Kody! He treats you like a dog and you kids also! He says he wants to spend time with all his kids and then he just stays at Robin’s with hers. I do agree with you that you are one of the 2 wives in the basement. He treats you and Meri the same way, it is really hard to watch you great ladies (you & meri) do watch he wants and he still treats you like trash! I hope for a season 16 just to watch him get dumped!!”

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown’s Temper - Is He Violent With His Wife?

This has started a lot of talk that Kody may be violent towards his wives, but there has yet to be any proof found to prove this. For the sake of them all, we hope that this is just an organization that she supports.

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