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sMothered Spoilers: Meet The New Mother-Daughter Team

sMothered spoilers reveal that fans are very excited about the new season of the TLC hit show. Season three is on its way to us and we couldn’t be more excited to see the craziness that these mother-daughter teams bring. There are a few returning duos and also a few new pairs that will have you shocked beyond belief.

The Third Season Returns

The brand new season of sMothered will air on May 31 on TLC. It feels like it has been so long since we last saw the mother-daughter duos, but they are back and ready to show us even more of their interesting relationships. We will see a few duos return, such as Sunhe and Angelica, Kathy and Cristina, and Dawn and Cher. Then we will get a chance to see some new teams that include Amy and Carina.

In the newest spoilers for this season, Amy will share her life with her daughter, Carina and their life in Hawaii. The women shower together, just as many others do, but from the spoilers we have seen, their relationship could possibly border on incestuous. It gets a little creepy, even in the trailers.

Interesting Mother-Daughter Connections

If you are ready to watch the new season of sMothered, prepare yourself for some very interesting insights from these two women. Amy does know that Carina isn’t getting any younger and with how close they are, she’s not exactly meeting any new men either. The women have talked about how they believe they even knew each other in their past lives and this is why they are so close.

sMothered Spoilers: Meet The New Mother-Daughter Team

Carina tells cameras that she spends 18 hours a day with her mother and the “other six” house of her day are spent with her, sleeping in the same bed! Carina thinks that it was “fate that we were supposed to be best friends.” There is even a scene in the trailer of them kissing on the lips! This may be a little too weird for some viewers!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with sMothered right now. Come back here often for sMothered spoilers, news, and updates.

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