Little People Big World Spoilers: Little People Big World’s Lilah Roloff Head Injury Update

Little People Big World spoilers indicate that Lilah Roloff has suffered a head injury. The Roloff’s young daughter is just starting to walk and Tory Roloff offers an update on her condition.

Walking Toddlers Mean Accidents Happen

Starting to walk can be trying for most children and they often suffer from bumps and bruises. This is no different for Little People Big World’s Lilah who recently suffered a bump on the head from a fall. However, the young girl is very resilient according to her mom. Tori says that Lilah cried more over her book than she did the gash on her forehead. However, being a little person bumps and bruises often cause concerns because they often have some disadvantages that are linked to their small stature. Dwarfism causes some learning disabilities especially developmentally and as a mother of two children with this condition, Tori is an old hat at handling these situations. However, some believe that Lilah is a bit more behind than her brother was at this stage of development.

Tori Roloff Says Lilah Roloff Is In Good Spirits

Little People Big World’s Tori says that Lilah is pretty easygoing and is in good spirits after her tumble. Tori admits that Lilah often struggles with issues and it is sometimes hard to watch. Fans seem to wonder if Lilah’s problems with her eyesight could have led to her fall. Lilah’s fall could have also been caused by her stature as well. The young girl could have simply taken a tumble because she is learning to walk and fell like most kids who are learning to maneuver on their own.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Little People Big World’s Lilah Roloff Head Injury Update

Tori Roloff Says Lilah Tags Along For Snacks

Little People Big World’s Tori often posts pictures of her family’s adventure. Lilah is often seen eating her snacks on fishing trips or at bonfires. Lilah is easy to get along with and will set anywhere as long as she has her snacks. However, viewers often enquire about Lilah and her development. Fans hope that Lilah will catch up at least with her brother and do the things important to kids her age. Tori worries about Lilah although Zack doesn’t seem to be too concerned. However, Zack is more equipped to understand his children’s issues because he has lived through them himself.

Both parents are very happy with their child and that she is happily there for the snacks. Hopefully, Lilah will be where she needs to be developmentally soon. Until then, Lilah and her snacks can make their way at their own pace.

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