Carlin Bates Discloses A Surprising Spinal Condition

The star of the Bringing Up Bates reality series, Carlin Bates Stewart, got the shock of her life with a recent diagnosis. In a recent post on their Youtube vlog, Carlin and her husband, Evan Stewart, traveled to Florida to visit the Websters, John, and Alyssa.

During their trip to Florida, the Bringing Up Bates couple is surprised by a shocking medical revelation. So what is the shocking diagnosis that has befallen the Bringing Up Bates celebrity?

The Details About The Vlog

Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart are very active on Youtube, with loads of videos unloaded to thrill their fanbase. They recently uploaded a video on their YouTube channel that updates fans of the UPtv series about their daily lives, as well as that of their loving baby girl of one, Layla. Part of their Youtube video which they uploaded on the 22nd of May reveals what happened during their trip to Florida.

It is no more news that Nathan Bates got engaged to his girlfriend, Esther Keyes when Carlin and Evan took the trip to Florida. Their engagement was an elaborate occasion over three days that required the help of his sisters, Carlin and Alyssa. It was a joyous and memorable occasion for the Bates family.

What Was The Diagnosis That Was Given To Carlin?

During their Florida trip to visit Alyssa and John, the chiropractor consulting for Alyssa visited them. Alyssa’s chiropractor usually comes consulting for the Websters in their home, so he tended to Carlin during his visit.

Evan Stewart revealed in the vlog via their Youtube channel that Carlin decided to get a one-time manual check-up on her bones with the chiropractor since she hasn’t done it before. Well, actually just a normal bone-cracking and no adjustments. It’s a good thing she did.

After the manual check, he tells the Bringing Up Bates star that she has Scoliosis. A visibly shocked Carlin asks what that means, as she feels it sounds like a dangerous ailment. He explains his diagnosis by saying that her spine shape is crooked instead of being typically straight up.

Carlin Bates Discloses A Surprising Spinal Condition

Alyssa suspects that could be the real reason behind Carlin’s persistent back pain. The chiropractor then helps Carlin to fully adjust her spine back to shape. No mention is further made about the diagnosis during the latter part of their video, so it’s not yet known if they will go for further checks later.

Carlin Stewart may go for checks as soon as they get back home. They left us in the dark about their future plans.

Fans were rather left confused by the scoliosis diagnosis, as they felt it occurred more in teenagers than adults. The fans of the reality show made several comments where they expressed surprise that she was been diagnosed for the issue this late while hoping that she gets it sorted out very soon.

We wish her the best as she seeks out medical advice about her spinal cord condition.

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