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Lisa Vanderpump Denies Lip Fillers This Weekend

Lisa Vanderpump always looks stylish and beautiful. In fact, no matter how old she gets, she remains fresh-faced and Bravo fans think she’s totally classy. Her Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules fans often saw reports of plastic surgery and botox, so did she tell fibs this weekend? She denied using lip fillers.

Lisa Vanderpump classy and stylish

Bravo fans saw a post by the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills alum at the end of April this year. In the photo on Instagram, Vanderpump Rules fans saw that she wore casual clothing. Donning an old jacket, she captioned it with, “The jacket’s vintage… but then again, so am I 😂.” Naturally, fans hit their keyboards and assured the restaurant owner that she looks stunning and incredibly classy. Actually, she certainly impresses fans with her almost timeless beauty.

News that Lisa Vanderpump underwent plastic surgery emerged more than once. Plus, fans know she usually uses Botox just like other Hollywood celebs. After all, why look really vintage if you can afford not to? In 2015, the reality TV star actually admitted that she’d use “buckets of botox” to help her look good. Plus, before and after plastic surgery photos emerged, So how come, in May 2021, she denied using lip fillers?

Denial Of lip Fillers By Real Housewives Alum

On the weekend, Lisa Vanderpump posted up a photo of herself with Mr. Chow, an Asian food celeb. She wished him a happy birthday. In the comments of that, one critic wrote, “Too much in the lips. You are ruining your beauty.” At the time, Lisa ignored that trolling, but clearly, she noticed it. Later, she shared another photo of herself.

This time, Lisa Vanderpump captioned it with, “Just for the record no lip fillers lol I think it was a strange light on way to ride my prince…ha I meant in regard to Mr Chow pic prior.” A nice selfie, her lips looked just fine. Actually, it could very well have been the lighting that made her lips look way too full. So, why did she bother denying lips fillers as she used various beauty agents and procedures in the past

Did Lisa Vanderpump’s Lip Filler Run Out?

Healthline reminds readers that lip fillers come with various types of ingredients. Some of them are hardly ever used these days, as they last for such a short time. Even the best of them sometimes disappear after about a year. So, perhaps Lisa just denied overdoing them at the moment. Perhaps she’d rather not pick up the nickname of Dick Lips like Darcey Silva from the 90 Day Fiance franchise on TLC.

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