90 Day Fiancé Fans Accuse Tiffany of Playing The Victim Over Ronald’s Troubled Past

90 Day Fiancé fans have grown tired of seeing Tiffany Franco Smith, always bringing up her husband, Ronald Smith’s criminal history. Viewers accused her of playing the victim of this whole situation.

The mother of two keeps mentioning Ronald’s criminal record and gambling addiction issues which made the franchise’s viewers grow tired. Fans have been questioning why Tiffany acts like she just knew this information when in fact she knew them from the start, yet still tied the knot with Ronald in his hometown in South Africa amidst warnings and disapproval of many.

The Blame Game

In a Reddit community named 90dayfianceuncensored, a viewer narrated Tiffany’s storyline in the show. The post starts with Tiffany’s plan to marry Ronald which she did but failed to plan for his visa whether she should sponsor him with her income. Then she successfully arrives with her son Daniel in Africa and insists he calls a stranger his “daddy.”

The post continues as it reads: “Then she spreads her legs & gets pregnant again, blames Ronald for his past and jerks her now two kids back to America. Now she is manipulating her father with his guilt to help her bring Ronald to the states where he will have to be financially responsible for a gambling-addicted loser. All the while, taking zero responsibility for any of it. Did I miss anything?”

The reaction followed the latest episode in the spin-off “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After” revealing Ronald is one step closer to his visa approval. However, Tiffany’s income can’t cover all the financial responsibility and so she needs her father’s intervention to co-sponsor her husband’s visa. Tiffany’s mother, Maggie, cunningly proposed she should lie to her father and exclude Ronald’s dark history, which even made the audience more shocked.

While many viewers both blame the couple for saying their “I dos” when everything wasn’t clear since they met, most sympathize with the other family members who are affected by the couple’s situation including Tiffany’s children and father.

In a different forum, a viewer questioned whether others really believe that Tiffany’s dad is innocent of Ronald’s gambling addiction. “Doesn’t he watch TV? The whole world knows already.”

A viewer replied and agreed that Tif’s dad seems to be the only “decent person in that group.” The fan also observed that he looks happier after upgrading and ditching the “psycho mom” Maggie. “Unfortunately, Tiffany takes after her mom who clearly isn’t setting a good example for her daughter,” the commenter continued.

90 Day Fiancé Fans Accuse Tiffany of Playing The Victim Over Ronald’s Troubled Past

Breaking Up, Making Up, and Breaking Up Again

Despite the couple’s previous split in February which later ended in reconciliation a few months the same year, the couple appears to be calling it quits again as of May 27 when both stopped following each other on Instagram.

Tif hinted at their break-up via stories by writing a cryptic message “Feel like I can breathe again” and “No more pretending.”

A tension heated between the two when Ronald finally broke his silence about the issue and explained his side on the 90 Day blogger John Yates’ post. “I’m so, so, so tired of her playing victim and always saying she’s the one getting hurt or I’m always doing fault or I’m doing this wrong, or I don’t do this right,” Ronald commented. Seems like Ronald shares the same sentiments with the fans seeing Tif painting herself as innocent.

But Tiffany answered back: “I’m tired of being the idiot honestly. Always trying for nothing just to be told I’m playing victim.”

Do you think the couple will make it up again once Ronald joined his wife and child in the US?

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