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Chase Chrisley: Memorial Day Photo Gets Touching Comment

Chase Chrisley shared a post on Instagram this Memorial Day to remember those who gave their lives in service. Like so many other people, that’s not unusual. However, the touching response from the wife who lost her husband really drives home the meaning of the day.

Chase Chrisley Shared A Photo Of A Small Boy By His Dad’s Gravestone

Perhaps you even saw the photo of the little boy all dressed up in a uniform like his dad. Possibly his mom, a photographer took it. Or, maybe a close relative with the same surname as the dad who died in service. It’s a very moving photo that did the rounds on the Internet for years. However, thanks to the soldier’s widow, the actual circumstances of his service became available. When the Chrisley Knows Best star posted up the photo, he might not have expected that someone directly related to the photo would respond.

Chase Chrisley captioned his photo with, “This is what Memorial Day is about! Thank you to all that have paid the ultimate price for us!! #memorialday #USA.” A lot of fans thanked him for reminding people what it’s really all about. Some of them related their own lost loved ones who died in service. For those who never lost someone in the armed forces, some of those stories seem like real tear-jerkers. Naturally, some of them were thanked for their service and sacrifices.

Who Is The Soldier Honored By A Touching Comment?

Maybe he had no idea of the circumstances, but Chase Chrisley revealed the sorrow of a small boy whose dad gave many years of his life to the services. In the comments section of the post, one follower wrote, “That’s my son 🇺🇸🙏 My husband/his daddy was killed in 2011. USMC Sgt Christopher Jacobs Never Forget.” Well, it looks like the USA Network star never saw the post yet. Hopefully, he does so he can reach back to the widow.

Chase Chrisley seems like a decent young man, so hopefully, he at least thanks the bereaved mom for commenting. A bit of digging around revealed that her husband, Sgt Christopher Jacobs served in the Marines for 11 years. Find A noted that Christopher passed away at the young age of 29 in 2011. Born in Missouri, he served the USA on active combat duty in “Iraq/Kuwait (OIF) and Afghanistan.”

Chase Chrisley: Memorial Day Photo Gets Touching Comment

Medals And Recognition For Memorial Day Soldier

Chase Chrisley might be interested to know that the soldier he honored died in a training exercise after receiving many military honors. These included the “Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal” three times. Plus, he received his “Combat Action Ribbons,…Global War Terrorism Service Medals,” and his “Sea Service Deployment Ribbons.” Others also make for an impressive list.

At the time of his death, one of the widow’s son turned just 8 months old. In 2015, he lay down by the headstone in Arlington Park and wished his dad could come back. Christopher also left behind his mom and dad, a brother, and a grandmother.

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