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Savannah Chrisley Flaunts Beautiful Beach Body In Gorgeous Photo

Savannah Chrisley looked absolutely stunning this Memorial Day. Well, that’s according to her many Chrisley Knows Best fans. Just over a year ago, she revealed that she packed on about 40 pounds, but you’d never know it now. Her gorgeous beach body emerged after she took the time to remember those who gave their lives for the USA and went to the gym in a stunning pink outfit.

Savannah Chrisley Flaunts A Bright Green Bikini On A Boat

You probably recall that Todd’s daughter struggled with endometriosis. She’s not the first person in the world, to battle the bulge because of it. However, in August leat year, she prepared herself for surgery which is always frightening. She went off bravely and ended up nearly a year later looking marvelous. When she shared her photo of her gorgeous beach body on Memorial Day, her eye-catching neon swimsuit contrasted with her dark tan.

Savannah Chrisley might use Botox like her famous dad, but she is what she is, fans agree. On her post, the most common comment that rolled in was “Gorgeous ❤️❤️.” In her Instagram post, she talked about getting a “beach body.” Well, according to Chrisley Knows Best star, all you need is to take two simple steps. Firstly, “Have a body.” Then, “Go to the beach 🏖 😉.” Apparently, it also helps if there’s a yacht handy for a party.

Stunning In Pink

Earlier in the day, Savannah Chrisley revealed herself clad in a bright pink two-piece outfit for her workout. Clearly, you also need to work up a sweat to get that gorgeous beach body. Confident in her neon color, she looked very nice, fans agreed. Well, the rest of her preparations for her day in the sun also included a light and healthy breakfast. Most likely, she finished off her various outfits with a careful application of her Sassy Savannah products.

Likely, her grandfather who fought in the last Korean War could only dream of the life Savannah Chrisley leads today. Probably, you already know that Todd didn’t spring from a wealthy family. In fact, his mom Nanny Faye and his dad Gene Raymond lived rather normal and simple lives. The veteran passed away from cancer a few years before Chrisley Knows Best began. So, flaunting her body and wealth was tempered in an earlier post by the fact she respected his service and wouldn’t be calling it a “happy Memorial Day.”

Savannah Chrisley Flaunts Beautiful Beach Body In Gorgeous Photo

Chrisley Knows Best Star Might Tweak A Jealousy Streak

Fans of Savannah Chrisley might look at her life and think it’s perfect and she arrived in the world with a silver spoon in her mouth. However, just like every successful person, she works hard for her money. Just like other people, she sometimes suffers from insecurities, and just like other people, she knows the pain of breaking up. Would you trade your life with hers to flaunt a gorgeous green bikini on the beach?

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