Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Reveals Kaiser Graduated from Kindergarten

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans revealed that Kaiser did badly at school when she separated from David Eason. Clearly, he felt angry and traumatized after the CPU separation and then relocating away from The Land. Finally, he graduated from kindergarten and she sounded thrilled and proud for her son by Nathan Griffith.

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Already Detailed Difficulties With Kaiser’s Schooling

Fans know that all hell broke out when David killed Nugget the dog. It ended up with the kids being taken away and a nasty custody case. Then, after she got the kids back, she left David and moved to Tennessee. On her YouTube Channel, she detailed how in North Carolina, the school booted him. Then, in Tennesse, he ran into more trouble. Clearly, he felt angry and distressed about his life unraveling.

On her YouTube channel, Teen Mom alum Jenelle said, “he was bad in the bus and when he got to school, he was bad in school and things weren’t going that great and they would call me every other day to come pick him up.” Anyway, she went back to The Land and since then, the kids look quite happy with the family all back together again. On a side note, she and her mom seemingly still fight over the custody of her other son, Jace.

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Reveals Kaiser Graduated from Kindergarten

Misunderstanding Kaiser’s Age And Graduation

On Tuesday, June 1, Teen Mom alum Jenelle popped up a short vlog on her Instagram. It revealed that the other kids and David accompanied her to Kaiser’s graduation. He is nearly seven years old, so that seems a bit old. However, he missed a lot of school, so that set him back. Next, he moves on into First Grade. Proudly, her son went up and collected his certificate and the family made much of him.

After the trauma of the last few years, it’s understandable that Teen Mom alum Jenelle sounds both proud and relieved. After all, school delinquents often end up finishing early and make little of their lives. Now that he tasted success and graduated, perhaps her son understands that school’s not so bad after all. Of course, MTV fans hope that she and David keep on providing a more settled environment for him.

Two Years Of Kindergarten – It’s Onward and Upward – Fans reach Out

In the comments section of the mini-vlog by Teen Mom alum Jenelle, MTV fans congratulated Kaiser. One of them wrote, “O my God he is growing up so fast hun. Congrats to graduating 👏👏👏.” Another follower said, “What a special moment. Congratulations to kaiser.” Most people seem very happy for the little fellow. Mind you, as it is Jenelle sharing, of course, trolls also arrived in the comments to try and ruin a special day.

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