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Felicity Vuolo Fans Glad About A Glimpse Of Jinger’s Daughter

Felicity Vuolo turns three years old on July 19 but fans hardly saw her over the last year on Jinger and Jeremy’s Instagram accounts. In fact, photos of her little sister, Evangeline seem scarcer than hen’s teeth. Now, on Memorial Day, Jeremy shared a photo that revealed Felicity out and about with him. The scarcity of pictures started suddenly and fans constantly plead for more of the cute kid.

Felicity Vuolo Made People So Happy

Fans felt attached to Jinger’s first daughter as they followed her birth on Counting On. TLC fans also watched as Jinger regularly updated on the size of her baby growing in her womb. A few years ago, a flood of photos of the cute kid really made fans so happy, In fact, she fast became a fan favorite. Possibly, hundreds of articles about the cute kid appeared in the tabloids. Many of Jinger’s fans thanked her for sharing the video clips and pics. Often, they said that the photos made them feel happy.

One day, with no explanation, photos of Felicity Vuolo just screeched to a halt. Between a scarcity of photos of their new baby and her big sister, fans scratched their heads. For ages, TLC fans clamored for more photos, and some of them suspected the baby suffered from some sort of ailment. Finally, in a Q&A on Instagram, Jniger let it out that they chose to keep their kids off social media for privacy reasons.

Not All Counting On fans Respect The Wish For Privacy

As time went by, the very occasional photo of Felicity Vuolo taken from the rear appeared. Unsatisfied, fans kept on plugging for more photos on every post they shared. The last time that Jeremy posted a photo of his oldest daughter, he cut off her head and revealed just her little legs. That came back in early April this year. Meanwhile, the Last time that Jinger shared a photo of her daughter, it came with a view of her back on March 12.

Well, it seems that even a photo of Felicity Vuolo taken with her back to the camera is now treasured by Counting On fans. After all, something’s better than nothing at all. So, when fans saw the new photo shared by Jeremy, they felt glad for the glimpse of the cute kid. The picture revealed her pulling her little cart as she held her dad’s hand when they crossed a street. Maybe they were headed for an outing to the park.

Felicity Vuolo Fans Glad About A Glimpse Of Jinger's Daughter

‘God Gives Good Gifts’ Says The Dad Of Felicity Vuolo

The caption on the photo seemed like the usual message about how Jeremy dotes on his first daughter. In the comments, TLC fans said how much they love seeing something of her. One of them said, “Miss seeing your little ones😊.” Then another fan commented, “Oh it’s so nice to see Felicity again. Makes me smile.”

Other similar comments came in along with this one: “She’s getting so tall! 😍.”

Likely, she’ll get a lot taller before fans see a photo of Felicity’s face again.

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