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Are Olivia & Moriah Plath Trying To Give Kim A Heart Attack?

Olivia & Moriah Plath both pulled away from Kim and Barry in the last season of Welcome to Plathville on TLC. Recall, Ethan and Olivia clashed with his parents in the first season of the show. In Season 2, it ended badly as Ethan and his dad nearly came to blows. Now, it seems that his wife and his sister might just about give the religiously conservative Kim a heart attack.

Olivia & Moriah Plath Clashed With Kim in Season 2 Of Welcome To Plathville

TLC fans always sneered at Kim because she and Barry enjoyed freedom in their lives. However, staunchly religious and very controlling, their own kids were denied technology, sugary drinks, a social life, and many other things. In fact, fans seemed astonished that after he married Oliva, their eldest son Ethan tasted his very first coke. Moriah, Kim decided, was a rebel as she kicked at the traces of her confinement on the family farm.

Olivia & Moriah Plath became friendly, and Kim hated that. In fact, she thought that Olivia just about broke the bible with her bad influence. Additonally, Olivia allowed the kids to try something sugary. So, Ethan and Olivia could no longer be with his younger siblings unchaperoned. In Season 2, fans saw that Ethan and Olivia estranged themselves from his parents. However, Kim and Barry moved off the farm end ended up just a few blocks away.

Are Olivia & Moriah Plath Trying To Give Kim A Heart Attack?

Micah and Moriah Moved Out

In Season 2, Olivia & Moriah Plath seemed closer than ever. Micah moved out of Kim’s home and landed a modeling job. Meanwhile, Moriah also left home, started work, and dated a boy. God forbid! He owned a motorcycle and Moriah rode on it. Anyway, it didn’t last very long and they split. Actually, many fans thought Kim probably lay behind that. Nevertheless, they made up and still date to this day.

At the end of Season 2 of Welcome to Plathville, Olivia & Moriah Plath seemed further from Kim than ever before. Well, if Kim is really as controlling and super-religious as the TLC show makes out, then she probably won’t like what she sees today. On Friday, June 4, Moriah shared some photos that might give Kim heart failure. In the photos, she revealed that she and her boyfriend Max, Micah, Ethan, and Olivia went out together.

Olivia In Boob-Revealing Dress – Moriah In Tiny Shorts

In the photos, Olivia & Moriah Plath both looked really “hot,” Welcome to Plathville fans agreed. TLC fans noted that the dress Olivia wore revealed a good deal of her one boob. Meanwhile, Moriah looked stunning in very tiny shorts with most of her abdomen showing. And, is that a vape that fans saw Olivia holding? Fans also noticed that Oliva dyed her hair a sexy reddish color and lots of fire and clapping hands emojis went up. Plus, a few of them commented on her boob-revealing dress.

While you might think that Olivia & Moriah could give Kim a heart attack, it depends on how edited and scripted Welcome to Palthville is. In her hashtags, Moriah wrote “#therealplathville.” That might be a hint that they live more relaxed lives than the show makes out.

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