Unexpected Alum Reanna Cline Shares Graduation Party Pics

Unexpected alum Reanna Cline and her baby daddy Taron Ward suddenly disappeared from the TLC show. It came mid-season and that ended up with a hiatus. What lay behind the sudden move never really came out. Well, some of her fans from the show still follow her on social media. They heard that’s she graduated from high school. And now, she shared that she enjoyed a party with friends this weekend.

Unexpected Alum Reanna Cline Kept Her Baby & Finished Up School

TLC fans met Reanna, and she seemed very young. However, her mom gave her a lot of support during her pregnancy. Initially, fans didn’t take to her as she wouldn’t forget or forgive Taron who allegedly cheated on her. Meanwhile, it became clear that he really hoped to be a father to their child, Danica. Well, fans who trolled on her and those who quickly took to her all got a huge surprise when they departed from TLC.

Several times, the mom of Unexpected alum Reanna Cline took to social media and explained that they left after a discussion with producers. However, she denied it related to them breaking an NDA. Apparently, it came about from nothing related to racism or politics either. Additionally, as they are still under contract, they remain under an NDA and cannot reveal what happened. Well, it looks like Reanna just got on with her life and finished up school.

Unexpected Alum Reanna Cline Shares Graduation Party Pics

Graduation Party Took Place A Two Weeks After Her School Ceremony

On May 24, her mom share about Unexpected alum Reanna Cline graduating. Many fans thanked her for sharing because it gives hope to young moms that their education needs not end with a baby. In fact, Starcasm revealed that she actually graduated “a year early!” In case you wonder about Taron, the outlet noted that he sees Danica on weekends and went to his own prom with another girl.

Unexpected alum Reanna Cline took to Instagram on Sunday, June 6, and shared some photos of partying with friends. She also revealed her cute little baby in one shot. She captioned it with, “Graduation party💕#classof2021.” Possibly, they enjoyed a pool party although one photo showed everyone inside.

Fans Congratulate Reanna

Fans of Unexpected alum Reanna Cline heaped their praises on her. One of them commented, “Graduating early and with a baby??? You’re a whole badass👏.” Then another fan wrote, “Graduating with a baby is a huge accomplishment 👏👏👏.”

Meanwhile, some fans suggested that she leaves college for a few years and just enjoys being a mom. However she’s obviously bright and clever, so she might consider going straight on to higher education. Actully, considering that she didn’t stay on the show all that long, the nearly 4k likes isn’t bad at all.

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