‘Counting On’ Fans Praise Jill Duggar for Being a ‘Creative, Fun Mom’

Duggar fans are obsessed with Jill’s latest post about her two sons. They think she’s a great mom and love all of the great ideas she shares on social media. So, what did the Counting On alum do to capture fans’ attention?

Jill Duggar shares fun activity

On her Instagram page, Jill shared a few photos of her two sons, Israel, 6, and Samuel, 3. They are playing outside in their bathing suits as it rains. They got to have a fight with water guns, enjoy s’mores, and more. Even the family’s new addition, a dog named Fenna, got to join in.

In her caption, she writes, “No umbrella needed today for these boys! We took advantage of the ‘nice’ rainy weather and got swimsuits on, grabbed cookies and went outside! After the rain, we had to have a coffee can fire to warm up…and of course you can’t have a fire without s’mores! Then we then took a barefoot ‘puddle walk’ to find all the puddles and of course some honeysuckle! Now it’s showers and supper time before bed! Here’s to hoping they crash before we do tonight!”

Duggar fans impressed with Jill’s parenting choices

Jill is getting lots of love in response to her post because fans think she has some great ideas. Plenty of her followers on social media say that they are going to try the same thing next time they have a nice rainy day too. One of Jill’s friends writes, “I love this! You are such a creative fun mom!!! I’ll totally be doing this next time it rains if the weather is nice! Give the boys a hug for me ❤️”

‘Counting On’ Fans Praise Jill Duggar for Being a ‘Creative, Fun Mom’

Another fan writes, “You guys are such good parents!!” Others say that Jill and the boys are creating great memories and that they will remember these special moments for years to come. Plus, they like that Jill lets her kids be kids, get messy, and truly enjoy themselves.

On social media, Jill documents her everyday life with Israel and Samuel. Over the years, she’s given fans tips and tricks for keeping the kids busy and happy. Fans are often impressed with the ideas she comes up with and say they’re going to give them a try too. As the summer weather is here now and Israel is done with kindergarten, Jill will likely find more fun things to do with the boys soon.

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