Wait, Did Audrey Roloff Completely Ditch Social Media?

Former Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff hasn’t shared a social media post since May 15. The TLC alum usually posts on a regular basis, sometimes multiple times per week. Now that she’s been gone for almost a month, fans are wondering what happened to her.

Audrey Roloff explains herself

In her latest Instagram post, which she shared on May 15, Audrey revealed that she decided to take a social media break. She shared a photo of herself and her husband Jeremy and wrote, “I’m taking a social media break for a while👋🏻 Every time I’ve taken an extended social media break it’s been so healthy and life-giving. I’m excited to come back more inspired refreshed🤗”

In addition to writing this post, she shared a few encouraging messages about slowing down and focusing on her religion. So, it sounds like she had big plans when she set out to take a break.

In response, fans thought this sounded like a great idea. They’re glad that she made a post about it so they would know that she’s okay and had not completely disappeared. Thanks to the Roloff family’s name, Audrey has gotten a lot of attention on social media and has lots of followers who would otherwise be concerned about her.

After making this post, fans commented, saying that they hope she enjoys her time away.

 Wait, Did Audrey Roloff Completely Ditch Social Media?

A few of her followers wondered why she even bothered to make the post. Though Audrey didn’t respond, another fan pointed out, “There would be thousands of comments speculating about why no posts otherwise. The upfront communication makes sense.” Others assume this is exactly why Audrey chose to share about it before leaving the platform.

When will Audrey Roloff return to Instagram?

In her Instagram caption, Audrey doesn’t say for how long she will be gone. She hasn’t shared an update on Instagram since that post about three weeks ago. So, fans have no idea when she will be back on social media.

Because Audrey has 1.4 million followers and brings in some money from brand partnerships on Instagram, fans assume she won’t ever truly leave social media. But they do want to know when they can expect to see her posts again.

Hopefully, Audrey will go back to posting regular photos on social media soon. For now, fans think she’s probably enjoying this break and some quality time with her family too.

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