Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: The Winders Talk About Season 4

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers come as Season 3 ends. TLC fans already turned their thoughts to Season 4 of the show. Actually, after Bernie McGee passed away at the end of Season 2, some fans thought that TLC might not renew the show. Eventually, Season 3 came along, very delayed because of the coronavirus. Now, as fans await news of a renewal, the Winders dished a few spoilers.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers From The Winder Family

At one stage, TLC fans thought that the Winder family quit from TLC. It came about when their last episode aired in Season 3. Well, the news came from Instagram that they wrapped their season and many fans feared they definitely left forever. However, it later turned out in an update that they only meant their time in Season 3 was over. Naturally, their many fans felt relieved about that.

Nevertheless, many questions went the way of the Winder family. Hoping for Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, fans requested info about the next season. Notably, TLC has not yet made any decision on a renewal public. Many outlets speculated that they might not renew it given the abuse allegations by Christeline against the Snowdens. However, the network survived scandals in the past and Dimitri and Ashley had their cases dismissed for lack of evidence. Basically, it comes down to the ratings.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: The Winders Talk About Season 4

Colton Away So Answers Slow In Coming

The latest Seeking Sister Wife spoilers came from the Winder family on Thursday night, June 10. On their Instagram account, they shared a photo of the two children, Sadie and Ephraim. In the caption, the family apologized for not answering all the questions and comments that they received recently. Apparently, Colton went away with his job. Plus it sounds like everyone felt a bit sick with “colds.” So, it might take time for responses to all the comments, questions, and whatnot.

Unfortunately, the Seeking Sister Wife spoilers that came out couldn’t confirm much about Season 4. At this time, they clarified that they “don’t know when (or even if) the show will return.” In fact, nobody from TLC talked to them about it yet. Obviously, that means that they can’t know if TLC brings them back for another season if it happens. Nevertheless, whatever happens, the Winder family intends to remain active on “social media.” Reconfirming that, the post noted, “[we] aren’t going anywhere in regards to that.”

Thanking Fans For Their Love And Support

After dishing those few Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, they thanked their fans for all of their “love and support!” Actually, many people hope for more than just a renewal of Season 4 with the Winder family. Many of them hope for a spinoff for the family because they believe they are the most authentic of all the cast members.

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