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Mama June Claims Her Dentist Scammed Her & Causes Her Pain

Mama June Shannon just found herself in a really bad place. With her old implants removed she claimed her dentist left her high and dry. Obviously, unless the job gets completely done, she also suffers a lot of pain. However, she ran into problems with her dentist. Allegedly, he refused to finish fixing her mouth unless she gave him some social media shoutouts.

Mama June And Her Manager Unhappy With Her Dentist

You probably can’t forget how bad Honey Boo Boo’s mom looked at the end of Family Crisis. Recall, she and Geno blew up to $2,500 per day on drugs. Eventually, she went broke, sold her home, and started selling off the last of her personal effects. Finally, with nothing left she responded to the family and her production team and went in for rehab. When she met Pumpkin fans saw that her front tooth was missing and she looked like she slept in the street.

Fans heard that when she moved to Florida, she saw a dentist who repaired her front tooth. Well, it seemed like she now consulted a different dentist in Los Angeles. It seems like a rather confusing story and first came from TMZ this week. The outlet noted that June is “going after a dentist she claims promised to fix her teeth in exchange for some Instagram publicity, but allegedly pulled a bait-and-switch.”

Where The Confusion Comes In

Mama June had previous work done in 2020 and this included spending $40K on a full set of veneers. Possibly it relates to that. However, TMZ noted what June said about her visit this week. Apparently, the dentist removed some old implants and then stopped. Allegedly, he told her “he would not complete the process unless she agreed to do media appearances to endorse his services.” Well, it certainly sounded like that was the original plan, judging by what June apparently said.

Mama June Claims Her Dentist Scammed Her & Causes Her Pain

Mama June seems to have a problem in that the dentist allegedly left her with an incomplete job. It seems as if the dentist intends to leave her in excruciating pain before completing the job after he sees those social media shoutouts. However, a letter by her manager’s rep notes that this “was never discussed at any point before the removal of her temporary implants.”

Whatever Went Down, The Dentist Certainly Gets Some Publicity Now

Apparently, Mama June spent money on accommodation and travel and it put her out of pocket. So, her legal team wants the dentist to pay her for that, or complete the job as originally agreed. Mind you, it might not be a barrel of fun sitting in a dentist’s chair when the medical professional has a problem with you.

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