Mama June Road To Redemption Spoilers: Mama June Wants To Move In, Pumpkin Says No

Mama June Road To Redemption Spoilers suggests that Mama June Shannon plans to move in with her daughter Lauryn Michelle “Pumpkin” Efird. Unfortunately for June, Pumpkin says No!

Geno Could Go To Prison

Mama June Road to Redemption’s Eugene “Geno” Doak has been taking care of June since the couple got sober over a year ago. However, Geno is facing up to ten years in prison over various charges related to his drug use. If Geno lands in jail, June is going to have no one to take care of her.

Now June is trying to come up with a plan for her future in case Geno isn’t around. June is convinced that she isn’t going to jail but considers that Geno probably will. Now June is trying to convince Pumpkin and Josh Efird to allow her to move in with them. Pumpkin is dead set against June moving in and has told her so. Josh is not open to the idea either. Where will June go if Geno goes to jail?

June Believes She Will Remain Free

Mama June Road To Redemption’s June before that she has spoken to the universe and will not go to jail. June is convinced that no judge or jury would put a celebrity behind bars. Unfortunately for June, several celebrities have spent time behind bars and most do not have celebrity status while in jail. June believes if she does go to jail, she will be in a celebrity prison. June does not realize that she can and will go to prison. Will June end up behind bars? Can June survive if she goes to prison?

Mama June Road To Redemption Spoilers: Mama June Wants To Move In, Pumpkin Says No

Alana Wants June To Move In

Mama June Road to Redemption’s Alana Thompson expects her sister, Pumpkin, to take their mother in. After all, Pumpkin has Alana in her house, she also has their sister, Jessica Shannon living with them as well. Pumpkin also has her husband and their daughter and a baby on the way. Pumpkin has no way to take care of June. Pumpkin cannot afford another mouth to feed. Pumpkin’s marriage cannot take anyone else moving into their house. Why should Pumpkin be expected to keep up with her mother and her drama? Pumpkin is already supporting both her sisters that are in her house. Is Alana asking too much of Pumpkin?

June could very easily end up in prison for her crimes. However, June doesn’t believe anything will happen to her because she is a celebrity. However, June is a grown woman, if she needs a place to stay, she should provide it herself.

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