Sister Wives Gwendlyn Brown Shares Rare News About Aspyn And Mitch

Sister Wives Gwendlyn Brown shared some photos on Instagram this weekend that revealed she spends time with her sister Aspyn and her husband, Mitch Thompson. News about them comes so rarely these days, that perhaps TLC fans should thank Gwendlyn for sharing. Recall, Aspyn disappeared off Instagram and Twitter a long time ago.

Gwendlyn Brown shares a rare picture of Mitch

Fans of Sister Wives know that Aspyn, often active on social media just shut down and went dark on social media over a year ago. While Mitch maintains his Instagram account, he never posted anything for a very long time. The last photo that fans saw in his account still remains a table that he made for his wife. A lot of TLC fans felt a bit sad that Aspyn went away as she previously seemed friendly and outgoing.

Gwendlyn Brown stays active on social media but she rarely shares about Match and Aspyn, so her post this week, seemed like a treat. She previously shared that she spent time in Salt Lake City, where Aspyn still works for Kendra Scott. However, when fans asked if she stayed with her sister, no reply came. This time, however, it looks like she definitely sees Aspyn as she talked about it in the comments of her new post about Mitch.

Sister Wives Gwendlyn Brown Shares Rare News About Aspyn And Mitch

An early morning wakeup call for Mitch

In her post, Gwendlyn Brown revealed a photo of her with Mitch and they stood in the glorious scenery of Zion National Park. In her caption she wrote, “We kidnapped @mitchellton13 at 5 am for Zion’s!! 🏞🏜.” If you don’t know, the parks located in southwestern Utah near Springdale. Maybe they all took a summer vacation together. One Sister Wives fan wondered if Aspyn took the photo.

In the comments, Gwen said, “Aspyn fended us off like the beasts we are so we had to ask a stranger to take it.” Fair enough, a few fans agreed, as getting out of bed that early seems like an awful idea. Perhaps when they went back down the hill, Aspyn made them something nice for a late breakfast.

Some rumors floated around that Aspyn might be expecting a baby

Gwendlyn Brown didn’t say anything more about Aspyn in her post. Of course, that silence makes way for rumors. For about a year now, on and off, rumors surface that she and Mitch might expect their own baby. However, there’s nothing other than whispers, and none of them come from within the Brown family itself. Possibly, even if she falls pregnant, TLC fans won’t hear about it until her mom lets it slip.

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