Brittany Cartwright & Scheana Shay Enjoy Cruising With Their Babies

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor welcomed their first child in April 2021. Since then. it seems the whole world probably knows about it. After all, Jax Taylor couldn’t wait to be a dad. Nowadays, he shares plenty of photos of their gorgeous little boy, Cruz. Meanwhile, Scheana Shay, Brittany’s previous co-star on Vanderpump Rules also had a baby who she named Summer Moon. She also arrived in April. Now, the two moms spent time on a cruise together with their little ones.

Brittany Cartwright And Scheana Shay Enjoy Mom Time Together

Fans of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules know that Scheana Shay enjoys a good relationship with her baby daddy, Brock Davies. The NewZealand born father of two runs his own business in the fitness industry. Actully, fans like him a lot, so they sounded thrilled that Scheana safely birthed her baby. Now that she’s a mom, Britanny and her friend seem closer than ever and they both looked so happy this weekend when they enjoyed a cruise together.

Brittany Cartwright took to Instagram on Sunday. June 13 and her photo revealed them sitting in a boat on a river. She geotagged it as Newport Beach, Cali. She and Scheana each cradled their baby. In her caption, Britt said, “On a Summer Cruz 💕.” Well her many fans thought the play on words using the names of their children sounded very witty and clever. One of them said, “This caption is too good haha 🙌😍😍.”

Brittany Cartwright & Scheana Shay Enjoy Cruising With Their Babies

Scheana escaped being fired from the show

Another fan wrote, “Okay. I see what you did there with the caption! Haha. Love it. Very clever! 🤍.” Actually, some fans seemed confused about Scheana holding a baby and they asked who it belonged to. Clearly, without the show airing recently, some fans lost track of what goes on. Anyway, one fan recommends that they follow Scheanna’s vlog on YouTube as it’s full of interesting updates.

Recall, Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens, and Brett Caprioni were all fired from the show. It followed a scandal highlighted by Faith Stowers who claimed they acted in a racist manner toward her. Of course, fans expected that Brittany Cartwright and Jax might also get the boot. Well, in time, fans found out that they left. However, it’s not clear what happens now with Scheana. Nevertheless, a source told Page Six that fans can expect to see her back on the show.

Will Jax and his wife return to TV?

Brittany Cartwright and Jax hinted several times that they might return to TV, but fans still await more news on that. Right now, they seem totally focused on their son Cruz. Almost daily, the cutest pictures of him go up on the Instagram account that they opened for him. Plus photos come on the main account of Brittany and Jax.

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