The Bachelorette Fans Feel Uncomfortable With Katie Thurston

The Bachelorette fans seem very put off by Katie Thurston and her group date, intimate talk, and kissing leave them feeling underwhelmed. Apart from the fact that many fans stopped watching after Chris Harrison left, a lot of people roast her for rushing into way too much intimacy too soon. Clearly, a lot of them think that the unwholesome rush to slip between the sheets sends a negative message.

The Bachelorette Fans Saw Katie Thurston Kiss Cat man And That Started Trolling

During the previous episode, fans saw that the guy who wore a cat outfit got a whole lot of mouth from Katie. Connor B looked like maybe she tried eating him alive. However, she also kisses other guys. In fact, as many as possible, critics think. Some really uncomplimentary comments went her way, and one fan on Facebook described her as looking like she eats a “hamburger” when she kisses. Well, it’s a dating show, so obviously kissing happens. So do fantasy suites, so ABC fans can’t claim naivety.

The Bachelorette star Katie always openly displayed her liking for intimacy. Unapologetic, she met Matt James on The Bachelor wielding a vibrator. People Magazine reported that Katie claimed even she felt awkward watching herself kiss. However, she claimed that time is short so she gets into the PDA in a hurry. Most of her scenes so far just involved either kissing and making out or talking about the ins and outs of D-Time. Some critics felt that her group date seemed just too weird.

Critics Slam All The talk About S*X Positivity

On Twitter, one The Bachelorette fan supported Katie, saying, “Katie said s*x positivity isn’t just about having s*x; it’s about respecting when you’re ready and that’s why we stan Katie!!” However, other critics find it boring. Another critic noted, “Oh god take a shot every time they say “s*x positive.” Meanwhile, other fans seem irritated that once again, the “virgin” thing returns. One critic wrote, “Can the Christian Virgin please go TF home and that archetype blacklisted from future casts? Y’all know what kind of show you’re signing up for. Stop crying..”

Actually, a lot of fans are down on all the intimacy and the rush to the goal post. Here’s an example: “At what episode does the sex jokes get old? Classic ABC beat jokes into submission. Windmill Pete. Colton the Virgin. Katie F*cks. But like episode two and I’m already over seeing fuzzy handcuffs every 10 seconds.”

Probably, Fans Keep On Watching

Despite The Bachelorette critics coming out in droves about too much lip-locking and potentially more burgers, they probably stay and watch the season. After all, people love slamming the stars in the show which seems pretty much like a national pastime and a lot of fun.

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