You, Me & My Ex Spoilers: TLC Fans React To Teaser On Instagram

You, Me & My Ex spoilers revealed that the new show from TLC seems as weird as ever. Already, fans see some oddities in sMothered and I Love a Mama’s Boy. Another recent show that brought weirdness was Extreme Sisters. Actually, the new shows make older women like Lisa Hamme chasing after her young man in 90 Day Fiance look positively normal. Now, after seeing the teaser for the new show, fans reacted and you guessed: they wonder where on earth the network finds these people for the show.

You, Me & My Ex Spoilers Brings The Ex As The Third Wheel

TLC fans know that not every person’s the same and life would be boring if they were. Still, the number of people with extremely odd relationships actually amazes fans of the network. People might swallow the twins who married twins in Extreme Sisters. They even accept that some moms become rather too intimate with their daughters in sMothered. Actually, they also know that some men really are mama’s boys. But, people who stay with their ex when a new partner comes along seem over the top.

You, Me & My Ex spoilers revealed that the show highlights the lives of Jerry, Kayee, and Jerry’s ex-wife, Jessica. Fans also meet Alex, Caroline and Alex’s ex-boyfriend Stephen and more. The problem is that they don’t move out after their relationships fail. So, when the new partner moves in there’s a very obvious third wheel in the mix. Actually, in some cases, there are four people in a sort of love square. So, some fans simply can’t believe it’s real.

Fans React On Instagram To The Teaser

When TLC shared the You, Me & My Ex spoilers on Instagram, fans watched the teaser and then gave it the “nope from me.” Here are a few comments that emerged:

“Like, there’s no way this is real. I’m sorry.”
“No way people do this 😂.”
“Where the hell do you find these people?! 🤔”
“Nope, I don’t think so. Hard NO from me.”
“stop making weirdest. 😳 bring back family oriented show.”
Meanwhile, some fans think the You, Me & My Ex spoilers just revealed that TLC lost its way. One of them wrote, “The Learning Channel, it’s turned into the lunatics channel 😳.” Others agreed, and another fan noted, “TLC has some of the strangest programs…”

Will You Watch The Show?

Some reactions to the You, Me & My Ex spoilers seem positive and a few people said they “can’t wait” for it. However, the majority of the comments gave the show a thumbs-down. If you want to watch it, the new show premieres on June 20 on TLC.

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