I Am Jazz Star Jazz Jennings Packs On The Pounds

I Am Jazz Season 6 ended with Jazz Jennings still up in the air about which college to attend and she dealt with anxiety. In fact, fans saw that her mom her tackled for binge eating, so it isn’t too much of a surprise that she came out and revealed a huge weight gain. Perhaps TLC fans see more about that in the new season.

I Am Jazz Renewed After Long Hiatus

Jennings perhaps waited out the severtiy of the coronavirus before agreeing to another season of the show. After a long hiatus, news emerged that the show returns, and naturally, fans seem thrilled about it. Popular, she kept in touch with her followers on social media. In fact, she spends a lot of time right now talking about transgender rights in sports. Given the good ratings in the past, it seemed only a matter of time before she returned to our screens.

The renewal of I Am Jazz came from Variety who reported about it earlier this month. Apparently, the show will film this summer in Florida. The outlet noted that Jennings said, “Our goal is always to help people and to share a message of positivity, love and acceptance, and I think that we’re continuing to do that by sharing our story.”

 I Am Jazz Star Jazz Jennings Packs On The Pounds

Packing On The Pounds

I Am Jazz fans noticed that the beautiful TLC star struggled with binge eating, and clearly, she put on some pounds. However, when she opened up about it on Friday, June 18, she bravely posted up photos that revealed her tummy looked a lot thicker than in the past. No stranger to challenges and dealing with differences, no doubt she now works hard at losing it and at the same time, broadcasts against body-shaming.

The I Am Jazz star wrote a long piece that basically admitted she knows she has a problem with over-eating. Plus she noted that some of the “meds” she takes don’t help her either. Jennings told her fans that she gained 100 pounds in two years. Nevertheless, she noted an excellent support group. Not dodging her own accountability, she added, “I’m posting this photo because it’s time for me to address my weight gain and hold myself accountable.”

Jennings Admits Eating Disorder

As with any addiction, the I Am Jazz star needs to accept her problem before tackling it successfully. Clearly, by so publically talking about it, she makes certain that her fans keep her on the straight and narrow. After all, TLC fans seem supportive, and many of them suffer from the same problem. In the comments section, many people encouraged her. One of them told Jennings, “Rooting for you darling! You are an absolute legend and icon ❤️.”

Meanwhile, another fan noted, “You got this, buddy!! Proud of you for sharing your journey and lifting others along the way. ❤️🙌”

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