Little People, Big World Star Tori Roloff Face Backlash Over Comments on the Show

Little People, Big World spoilers and updates reveal the one constant of every celebrity’s life, especially reality television stars, is the fact that lots of people know their opinions and are free to comment on them.

The stars of the TLC reality TV show have not been exempt from being slammed for their opinions, or for not behaving up to standards, in their fans’ opinion. Just recently, Tori faced controversies over the price of a sofa she purchased, as the fans of the show called her out for splurging. Tori defended her purchase, saying that she likes the sofa and that she doesn’t think it’s an unreasonable price to pay to get it.

But this time around, it’s a bit more heated because of the nature of Tori’s comments and the person it involves.

Fans Call Tori Roloff out for Insensitive Comments

In the latest TLC trailer for Little People, Big World, Tori Roloff brought Lilah over to the family’s farm to see Zach and Jackson. Zach and Baby J were over at the farm finishing up on some chores and Tori wanted them to be around to see Lilah trying on her glasses for the very first time.

As fans of the show know, Lilah has been seeing an eye doctor because she tends to get cross-eyed. “Lilah is going to the eye doctor,” Tori said in an episode of the show. “Every once in a while she’d be cross-eyed, especially when looking far away. She needs glasses or the possibility of surgery.”

In order to try and correct Lilah’s eye defect and possibly prevent their daughter undergoing a surgery procedure to correct it, Tori opted for glasses.

Zach adorably made sure that Jackson was involved in helping his little sister. So, Jackson was let to hold the case while Tori puts the little pediatric glasses on Lilah. Though Lilah was at first content to be at the farm, her mood changed once the glasses were on.

Tori’s first reaction is, “They’re so – Oh, God.” Zach then observes that Lilah looks cute, and Tori replies, “does she really?”

Little People, Big World Star Tori Roloff Face Backlash Over Comments on the Show


Throughout the time when Zach and Tori talked about getting glasses for Lilah, Tori has always maintained that “glasses aren’t cute”. This frustrated viewers as they felt that it shouldn’t matter whether they’re cute or not when it’s medically necessary to wear one.

“Tori needs to get over the glasses are not cute for babies,” one fan commented. “They are to help her eyes get better not a fashion statement. I know it’s hard when your baby has something wrong or not perfect but she’s being a little much.”
Tori Explains Her Comments

Tori later explained her previous comments, saying that the color of Lilah’s glasses was the reason behind her comments and not the glasses itself. Tori added that they “don’t wear a lot of colors.”

“I do think they only made her cuter. And I take back everything I thought,” she said. “But they’re cute.”

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