I Am Jazz News: Jazz Jennings Shouts Out Her Dad Greg On Father’s Day 2021

Jazz Jennings returns to I Am Jazz Season 7 and the TLC show currently films in Florida. Jazz often keeps her fans updated about her life and now she shared about her dad Greg on Father’s Day, 2021. Her dad seems very progressive and nobody needed to lecture him about inclusivity in the 2020s.

Jazz Jennings stands firm with her dad who saw her through her journey

TLC fans know that way before the social push toward inclusivity began, Greg and his wife stood by their daughter. Born as male-genderized, she soon identified with her inner female gender. In fact, right from her early childhood, she knew exactly who she really wanted to be. Not content with just some hormones, fancy dresses, and makeup, she went the whole hog and fans saw her go through bottom surgery. A difficult and worrying process, she went through some setbacks. However, her dad stood by her.

Jazz Jennings not only stands up for LGBTQ+ rights, but her family all stand behind her on it. No matter what happens, her brother Sander, in particular, always supports her. Last week, she shared that she put on over 100 pounds from binge eating and meds. Of course, Sander stepped up and encouraged her as she fights this new weight-loss challenge. Probably, her dad Greg also helps her.

Greg gets a nice shoutout from his daughter

On Fathers Day 2021, Jazz Jennings shared a photo of herself outside at night with her dad. In her caption, she said, “Happy Father’s Day to my walking buddy. In the light or at night, rain or dry, you are always there for me to go on a walk!💖” Next, she told the world how much she loves her dad. Truthfully, she noted, “There are not many men like you in the world.” So, she thanked him and wished him “love” and “joy” in his life.

Jazz Jennings’ mom and dad kept their name secret in order to protect their daughter from homophobic people. Fans know them as Greg and Jeanette Jennings, but to this day, they keep their real surname hidden. Protecting his daughter means a lot to her dad. People don’t know what he does for a job, but he does have a life outside of the show. He and his wife work for their TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation. However he probably also works another full-time job.

Other dads are less supportive

Greg obviously helped Jazz Jennings as she faced backlash and massive challenges in her life. Not so lucky, many other people simply don’t get that kind of support from their dads at all. No wonder she gave him such a nice shoutout on Father’s Day,

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