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Jax Taylor Shares Clip Of The First Time He Held His Baby

Jax Taylor and Brittany welcomed their baby, Cruz in April and he seems very popular with Bravo fans. The little boy simply looks breathtaking in some photos, cute in others, and just adorable in others. The Vanderpump Rules alums both seem delighted with their young son and generously share pictures of him with their Bravo fans. Father’s Day 2021, brought one of the most intimate moments as they shared a clip of him holding his baby for the first time.

Jax Taylor And Brittany Really Seem Over The Moon With Cruz

Vanderpump Rules fans know that Jax always wanted children. Brittany also seemed keen on it and finally, their wish came true. A lot of fans thought that their marriage was doomed before it started as he cheated on her with Faith Stowers. Critics predicted dire things for their marriage and yet they seemed happy enough. Cruz arriving in their life seemed like the highlight of it all and now they reveal a close-knit family of three.

Jax Taylor shares photos almost daily, and in May, Brittany was spotted out and about with Cruz for the first time. Page Six reported that she enjoyed an afternoon outing in Los Angeles with her former “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars Katie Maloney and her husband Tom Schwartz.” Now that Cruz grows a little older, fans see that he looks a lot like his dad.

First Time Holding The Baby

On Fathers Day 2021, Jax Taylor and Brittany shared a stunning photo of him holding his son. However, swiping through, they shared the extremely intimate moment when he first held his son. The clip revealed him sitting down as the nurse placed the baby in his arms. Then he looked down and said “hello” to his baby. Next, he looked up and smiled, and fans think it looked heart-melting.

Jax Taylor and Brittany captioned the post on his son’s Instagram account with, “Happy Fathers Day! We love you, Daddy! @mrjaxtaylor.” Possibly, Brittany wrote it for him. Naturally, many people responded to it and one of them said, “That got me right in the feelers ❤️❤️” Actually, it seems a very tender moment, and completely candid.

Heart-melting Moment, Fans Agree

Jax Taylor just about melted and fans saw the love and the amazement in his eyes. One of them wrote, “His face is absolutely priceless!!! I love this!!!” Then, another one noted, “This just kills me. Jax looks truly so in love.”

Meanwhile, a surprising number of people said that it made them cry. This comment was just one of them: “Omg I got teary eyed seeing the video… The way he holds his son for the first time skin to skin is breathtaking. It’s like his eyes are seeing for the first time when looking at his son… 💙”

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