Counting On Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Vacation In North Carolina?

Counting On Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo go to restaurants and then they tag the places. Well, judging by a place Jinger tagged on Monday, fans think that perhaps that went on a summer vacation to North Carolina. However, on the same day, Jeremy tagged a photo as taken in Los Angeles. Perhaps they went to North Carolina but don’t want to be troubled by Counting On fans.

Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Try And Keep The Kids Off Social Media

Counting On fans know that these days, the mom and dad of Felicity and Evangeline keep their kids off social media. Whether that ties in with the arrest of her brother Josh isn’t clear. After all, TLC fans suspect the Duggar family knew about it since the 2019 raid in Arkansas. They told their fans that they just want privacy for their kids. However, even their own privacy seems to creep into their posts these days.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo used to be very open and candid about where they went, who they met, and what they were doing. However these days, they seem less inclined when comes to being totally open. So, thats’ why fans only think they vacation in North Carolina right now. It looks like they perhaps visited the Black Mountain resort town in North Carolina. Of course, they might not be on a vacation and perhaps they attended a function there.

Counting On Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Vacation In North Carolina?

Counting On Couple Visit A Place Fans Recognise In North Carolina

The trouble with Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo carefully guarding their privacy means that sometimes fans speculate. So, rumors run around. Well, it all came about when Jinger shared a photo of Jeremy sitting inside a coffee house. The photo also revealed a little foot with a shoe on it. So, fans assume it is probably Felicity. In the post, she geo-tagged The Dripolator Coffeehouse. Fans who know the place immediately said that they know it’s found in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

One TLC fan of Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo commented, “Oh my goodness! That’s my cousin’s coffee shop! I hope you enjoyed the coffee. She puts her heart and soul into it and it’s amazing IMO!” Then another fan who lives in the area noted, “Wait, the Drip?? Y’all are like 15 mins from me!” Others who asked if they currently vacation in Back Mountain never got a reply.

Fewer Replies On Social Media These Days

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo seem way more reluctant to answer their fans these days. Actually, to the point where some Counting On fans wonder if they had a bad experience. Hopefully, if something happened, it didn’t involve their little children.

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