Bachelor Fans Amazed At Lauren Luyendyk Post-Birth Appearance

Bachelor fans felt concerned when Arie and Lauren Luyendyk welcomed their twins. Their little girl, Senna James stayed in the hospital as she suffered low oxygen levels. Meanwhile, her brother, Lux Jacob went home after the delivery. However, Senna recovered and also went home, so now their family of five is safe and well. After carrying twins, ABC fans can’t get over how amazing Lauren looks.

Bachelor stars Arie and Lauren Luyendyk Update Fans

ABC fans followed the pregnancy and the birth as closely as possible via social media. When People Magazine revealed the twins meeting for the first time, some of them felt a bit weepy. Grateful that the couple share so much of their lives, fans check in almost daily for more updates. Most people know that it takes time to take care of a baby. Often, after the pregnancy and the birth, moms feel out of whack. Then the baby sleeps irregular hours which makes for an exhausting time.

With twins, Lauren probably deals with double the usual amount of tiredness. However, she’s lucky that Arie’s home most of the time. The Bachelor couple also has their daughter Alessi, so between them, it lessens the load. On June 22, Lauren Luyendyke shared a couple of photos of herself holding her twins. In the second photo, she drifted off to sleep. However, fans think she looks marvelous. Probably, Arie took them.

Bachelor Fans Amazed At Lauren Luyendyk Post-Birth Appearance

Fans React To Lauren’s Appearance

Bachelor fans noticed that Lauren looked beautiful with her hair done and her makeup on. The caption read, “don’t ask me why i’m still wearing hospital bracelets…i don’t even know what day it is.” Actually, a lot of moms could relate to not knowing what day is. However, not many of them thought they ever looked as good as Arie’s wife after giving birth. Plus, well, twins! In the comments section, some ABC fans found it hard to believe that she carried those two cute little kids.

Other Bachelor fans talked about Lauren Luyendyk finding the time to look amazing. One of them commented, “But make up and hair are perfect, all good 😍.” Then another one replied, saying, “yes but she has arie home all the time too. Most moms also don’t have that much help.”Meanwhile, other moms confessed that even if they do have some help, they can’t imagining looking that good.

Lauren’s ‘winning’

Further down in the post by the Bachelor family, a fan told Lauren, “Well I didn’t look like that after having any of my kids soo you’re winning.” Another admirer noted, “You look amazing! After having my twin girls I was a hot mess! Recovering after a c-section is one of the hardest things our bodies will go through. The nights were so long but it gets easier ❤️❤️.”

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