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Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Makes Fans Nervous in Cooking Video

Little People Big World mom Amy Roloff often gives fans a look into her kitchen. On social media, she shares videos in her “Cooking with Amy” series. She’s made a little bit of everything, including key lime pie, rhubarb crisp, twice-baked potatoes, and more. This is a great way for her social media followers to keep up with her behind the scenes of the show.

The TLC star recently shared a video on social media, showing fans how she cooks Blue Plate Special Meatloaf. She shares a bit about the recipe and then makes it in the video. She also directs fans to her website, where they can find the exact recipe themselves.

Lots of fans are excited to try her recipe. They think it sounds great and appreciate that she took the time to create the video. While most fans love the video, it is raising some concerns among her social media followers.

Little People Big World fans concerned about Amy Roloff’s cutting technique

In the video, Amy reveals that she has a unique way of cutting the meat when she makes this recipe. As she slices the meat at the beginning of the video, she’s cutting very close to her body. Many fans began talking about this in the comments section, voicing their concerns.

Someone writes, “Not a safe way to slice with that big knife. Be careful.” Another user writes, “She’s making me nervous the way she’s slicing that meatloaf!!” Someone else adds, “I have never in my life seen someone wrap their arm around a meatloaf and slice it!!😂” Yet another fan comments, “She will cut her boob off!!!”

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Makes Fans Nervous in Cooking Video

Since she’s slicing so close to her body, some wonder if she’s going to stain her apron. Another one of her social media followers jokes that they don’t want the piece of meat that was “in her armpit.” A handful of her fans are grossed out by her apron and her body touching the food.

It looks like Amy made it through the video without hurting herself, but some fans are pretty freaked out. They hope she stays safe when she’s in the kitchen. So far, she hasn’t responded to fans’ comments about her slicing technique and her safety. She’s still whipping up new recipes and promising new life “Cooking with Amy” videos though. She will go live on Instagram and Facebook again on July 12.

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