Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown’s Ways of Supporting Wives

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Kody Brown is opening more about what he does to help support his large family. He wanted to talk to his fans more about how he does support his wives and children and not the ways that he has been shown on television. We all know that editing does a lot for the way viewers see cast members and he wants to prove that he is a good husband and father.

Untraditional Values

Kody has four wives and it isn’t the easiest marriage at times. He has managed to keep things afloat this far, but with time, things have changed a lot. He told his fans that he does love all of his wives equally, but they do have very different personalities and it can be complex at times.

In a new book about the Brown family, there is a lot of information about the family and the way they spend and make money. “Before we went public, several of them work full-time. They support their kids, and what is left over they kick into large group expenses such as mortgages. If one of my wives chooses not to work in order to stay home and look after our kids, I make sure she is taken care of. If another wife makes a bundle while her sister wife is looking at the kids, she will share her bounty. We are a family of equals.”

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown’s Ways of Supporting Wives

The Family Today

Now the Brown family is a part of a bigger picture and most of them have their own jobs or run businesses. It seems as if they used to support each other more than they do now though. Things have been tough with buying land and Kody continues to try to help, but from the look of things, it hasn’t been the same since the family got together for the first time. Now it looks like everyone has their own money and they spend it in many different ways.

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