Teen Mom Fans Say Maryssa Eason Graduated Middle School But She Seems Depressed

Maryssa Eason came into the life of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans when she married David. The Teen Mom 2 alums now raise David’s daughter and she lives with them on The Land. Briefly, she stayed with her grandmother during the 2019 custody case following the death of Nugget the dog. However, she and Ensley, and Kaiser all returned to live there. Meanwhile, Jace visits from time to time as well. However, David’s daughter sounds really down. Is she suffering from depression?

Maryssa Eason Graduated From Middle School

In the first week of June, David and his ex-wife, Whitney attended their daughter’s graduation from middle school. So, her next step is high school. Jenelle didn’t go along, but possibly out of respect for Whitney. In her Instagram post about it, Maryssa wrote, “Graduation was a success! Gonna miss all y’all.” In the comments section of the post, Jenelle congratulated her. Well, if she feels a bit depressed now, it might relate to the fact that she’s moving on and won’t see some of her old friends.

Fans of Teen Mom think that Maryssa Eason might feel sad because Jenelle went onto TikTok and went on and about Ensley being her favorite child and how much she loves her. Then she said, “you’re my best friend right? You Jace and Kaiser you’re my best friends.” Well, fans hated that she left Maryssa out of her little performance. So, Teen Mom fans think David’s daughter must feel left out.

Disturbing Post On Stories

The Hollywood Gossip noticed that Maryssa Eason shared a rather disturbing picture on her social media. It revealed her hand inked with the words, “I stopped venting and started praying cause I don’t need sympathy…I need strength – bruised but not broken.” Well as she’s only about 13, that might indicate she suffers from some emotional bruising.

The Mayo Clinic notes that teens like Maryssa Eason sometimes suffer from depression and it can affect their school life. However, a lot of teens go through serious emotions and hormonal swings. Additionally, the website noted, “Teen depression isn’t a weakness or something that can be overcome with willpower.” Judging by Maryssa talking about using prayer as willpower, possibly she could use some help.

Fans Can’t Tell If David’s Daughter Feels Neglected In the Home

Maryssa Eason might just go through difficulty thinking about the upcoming change. However, her post would probably alarm most parents of young teens. Clearly, she isn’t feeling full of optimism and joy. Fans can’t tell what the actual family dynamic is the home of the Teen Mom 2 alums. Plus, they can’t know if her pain comes from there. Hopefully, if there’s a problem, one of her new school counselors will reach out to her.

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