So Freakin’ Cheap Teaser Gets Less Than Stellar Comments

So Freakin’ Cheap is a new show from TLC and seems similar to Extreme Cheapskates. The show premieres on Monday, June 28 at 10 PM ET. A short teaser that dropped on Instagram this weekend revealed few fans love the idea of the show. Probably, most people think that rummaging around in the trash is really not frugal, but pretty disgusting.

So Freakin’ Cheap Cast And Storyline

TLC fans often see unusual people on the network and they seemingly have an unending supply of them. The new show features four families and they all save money doing some unusual things. For example, Angela Clayton seems less than thrilled with her husband Tony who creates his new urine-based cleaning solution. Meanwhile, other fans might recall Shelley Watson who featured in Extreme Cheapskates. Her dream ambition seems to be holding the title of the “Princess of Cheap” and that extends to arranging her daughter’s wedding in a Chiropractor’s office.

So Freakin’ Cheap also stars Becky and Jay Guiles and according to E! Online, they pretty up the place with flowers taken from funeral homes.  Meanwhile, Rosanna and her husband Danny Tran enjoy dumpster diving. Actually, the teaser this weekend showed the couple out dumpster diving and fans seemed revolted by it. In the comments, most people seemed put off rather than fascinated by the show.

So Freakin' Cheap Teaser Gets Less Than Stellar Comments

Dumpster Diving Is Not Frugal – Fans Think It’s Disgusting

The very short teaser brought the Trans dumpster diving and Mrs. Tran seems thrilled that people sometimes call her “cheap.” In fact, she likes it and says “thank you” when people say that. So Freakin’ Cheap critics hate that. Especially as previous storylines revealed that she and her husband live in a nice area in Orlando, Florida. One critic said, “This not cheap this is nasty 🤮.”

So Freakin’ Cheap obviously interests some people, or TLC wouldn’t produce it. One of them said they “can’t wait for it.” However, for the majority of commenters, they gave it a nope. Compared to weirder shows like Extreme Sisters and sMothered, it seems rather dull. One critic noted, “We don’t want anymore lasagna cooked in the dishwasher. Thanks.” Another fan recalled that from Extreme Cheapskates. They wondered if the kids possibly still have the runs.

Meanwhile, another critic said it looked really boring. Their comment read, “Stupid idea for a show. Just like those awful coupon shows. BORING.”

How To Watch The New TLC Show

Meaww reported that So Freakin’ Cheap is available on “Philo, fuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, AT&T TV, and YouTube TV.” Of course, you can also watch it on discovery + or on the TLC Go App.

Remember to check back with us often for more news about TLC’s new show, So Freakin’ Cheap.

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