I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Hypes Her New Upcoming Season On TLC

I Am Jazz fans heard that Jazz Jennings and her family return for a new season on TLC. Unfortunately, the premiere date never came yet. However, Jennings becomes more active on her social media, a sure sign that news about the premiere probably comes in the not too distant future. This weekend, she started hyping up the show on her Instagram. On Sunday, she shared a promo for the show. In her post, she said that the actual premiere date comes along “soon.”

I Am Jazz Renewal Emerged In Early June

TLC fans always heard about renewals within months of a season coming to an end. However, possibly because of the coronavirus and potential delays, these days, fans often only hear about it soon before the premiere. Nevertheless, the social media activity by various TLC stars usually starts increasing before the announcement of the date. Lately, Jazz Jennings has been way more active on Instagram.

News about the renewal of I Am Jazz came on June 2, 2021. Variety revealed that filming already started down in Florida. However, the storyline wasn’t mentioned. While it’s just speculation, as Jennings recently opened up about putting on a whopping 100 pounds, perhaps fans see something about that. Additionally, fans know she took a hiatus from college. Potentially, that little loose end might come together in a new season as well.

I Am Jazz Gates Some Hype From Jennings This Weekend

On the weekend, the I Am Jazz star shared a photo, and the next day she followed it up with a short video promo for the TLC show. Unfortunately, the clip gives no hint as to the potential storyline. Meanwhile, the photo on Saturday revealed her throwback photo to her bottom surgery. Time flies by, and she reminded her fans that three years passed since then. If you watched the show, you probably know that she suffered some complications and returned for more surgical repairs.

The I Am Jazz promo that Jennings shared also came on her Instagram stories. Meanwhile, on her main Instagram, she put in a caption. It read, “The “Band” is back together and we are as fabulous as ever!! I am Jazz Season 7 is coming to you soon 💖” If you hoped for some spoilers there weren’t any. The clip showed them all singing as the production crew and her family turned up in groups. Actually, the music was quite catchy and the theme was about being “fabulous!”

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Hypes Her New Upcoming Season On TLC

TLC Fans Comment On The Promo

I Am Jazz fans seemed very excited and in the comments section, they also saw that Jennings’ brother Sander sounded excited as well. He said, “Wahooo!!! So happy to have the crew and family all back together for Season 7 💗.”

One fan wrote, “Can’t wait to see you all back on TV. Love following you and seeing all you do for the lgbtq community. You are such an inspiration to so many. God bless you and your family.”

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