Sister Wives Janelle Brown Elaborates On her Decision To Live In An RV At Coyote Pass

Sister Wives Janelle Brown found out that the rental she stayed in went on the market. Actually, it found a buyer really quickly. So, she needed to make a fast decision on where she’d live next. Over the weekend, she told fans she moved onto the property at Coyote Pass and she moves into an RV. That news came via Facebook. However, On Instagram, she elaborated more about her decision.

Janelle Brown RV Spoilers Was Thought Not Feasible

TLC fans originally discussed the possibility of Kody’s second wife moving into an RV on the land at Coyote Pass. Actually, some of them figured out that there might be issues with the municipality in Flagstaff. After all, not all places allow RVs. Meanwhile, others pointed out that she probably needed utilities like water, sewerage, and power. At one stage, even Janelle thought that might become a problem for her. However, she found a way around it.

When Janelle Brown shared a photo on Facebook, it showed her really nice  RV parked at Coyote Pass. She announced that she undertakes a new “adventure” living out there and the thought of it sounded exciting. Fan thought she could make the decision as Garrison previously lived with her. However, he renovated his own trailer home and moved out to live by a river. An RV the size that she has could easily accommodate her and her daughter Savanah.

 Janelle Brown Elaborates On her Decision To Live In An RV At Coyote Pass

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Updates About Her Choices

More information came from Janelle Brown when she shared the same post on her Instagram account. There, the TLC star elaborated and interacted with fans who asked her questions. When one fan asked about permissions being granted to live there, she revealed that Flagstaff requires a special permit. However, she applied for one and it was given to her. So, now she stays there completely legally.

More info from Janelle Brown came that revealed that she really wanted to live in an RV. In fact, she jumped at the opportunity. So, it’s not just a choice she made as she had nowhere else to go. One fan recalled that for ages now, she talked about her dream of living in an RV.

They wrote, “it may be a financial thing, but she has mentioned before she has always wanted to do this. She probably just used losing the rental house as a great opportunity to fulfill her dreams.” Then the Sister Wives star replied saying, “Exactly! It was a choice not a have to.”

TLC  Fans Comment On The Situation – More News Emerges

More fans commented on the post by Janelle Brown. So, a bit more news came out. One of them wondered what went on with the situation. After all, it almost looks like the RV is parked on a road. So, Garrison’s mom replied. She explained that she built an RV stand where they planned their driveway to the house when it’s built.

One fan said to Janelle, “I love this idea for you and the family!! It gets you on the property and is a fun adventure in the process!! Wishing you all the best!

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