Little People, Big World News Caryn Chandler Surprised By Portland’s Heat

Little People, Big World stars Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff love getting away from Portland in Oregon. TLC fans know that Matt often talked about how the cold weather troubles him. Obviously, with his dwarfism-related surgeries and physique, he feels very uncomfortable in the damp and cold. However, now they visit Surprise, Caryn seems a bit amazed at the heatwave in Portland.

Little People, Big World – Caryn Chandler And Matt In Surprise

When the crew finished filming Season 22, Matt Roloff’s girlfriend took to her Instagram and talked about Arizona. At the time, she said that she felt like the place was “calling” her. That came back on June 18 and it looks like they went there and remain there for the time being. Fans know that she said more than once that she prefers living in the desert. However, she understands that Matt has a life and interests in Oregon. So, she makes her life play out in two different states.

TLC fans see that Little People, Big World star Caryn Chandler appears in the show in the current season. ON TLC, it seems like she feels comfortable on the farm. While she might hanker for the desert, she certainly loves her chickens on the farm. Actually, she passed on the love for chickens to Matt’s grandson Jackson. Recall, he loved one chicken so much that he called it Teeter and cuddled it for days. Sometimes, he helps his “Cha Cha” bring in the hens at night. Still, home is where the heart is and now she enjoys Surprise while a blistering heatwave sets records in Portland.

Little People, Big World – Caryn Chandler Shares News About Portland’s Heat

Taking to her Instagram stories on Monday, June 28, Little People, Big World star Caryn Chandler shared a beautiful photo taken in Surprise. She captioned it with, “Hotter in Portland today than here.” Well, Matt Roloff might feel pleased that he missed the heat in Portland. It seems rather unusual that Oregon beats out Arizona in the heat stakes this year. AZ Central reminds readers that “Arizona boasts 11 of the 20 hottest summer places in the U.S.”

Little People, Big World News Caryn Chandler Surprised By Portland's Heat

Actually, the Little People, Big World couple enjoys warm weather in Arizona. However, the downside is an Accuweather warning for dust and dander pollution. However, it’s probably way more comfortable than Portland which hit 108 over the weekend and smashed a record high of 115 degrees on Monday, June 28.

Amy Roloff Returns To Oregon In Time For Cooler Weather

Little People, Big World fans heard that Amy Roloff visited her dad in Michigan last week. On Monday, she said that she felt grateful to miss “the unheard of hot weather in the Portland area.” Soon, she arrives home, and luckily for her, the outlook for her hometown looks a bit better with predicted temperatures hovering around the 80 to 90 mark.

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