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Counting On Canceled Amy King Calls Out To Derick Dillard

TLC finally made a decision about the future of Counting On and the network announced the cancellation of the show. The news came on June 29 and wasn’t unexpected given the circumstances of Josh Duggar’s arrest. In fact, a lot of people seemed furious that it took them so long to pull the show. Of course, allegations that Josh possessed some shocking child abuse content on his computer blew back on the entire Duggar clan. Amy Rachel King, the niece of Jim Bob went onto Instagram and called out to Derick Dillard about NDAs and the cancellation of the show.

Counting On Canceled And Amy King Reacts

Amy King spoke up after the news came that Josh intends to plead not guilty to the charges. She clearly felt some concerns about the safety of Anna’s children. Of course, that could also extrapolate to Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids as well. Actually, seeing it’s not the first time that a scandal arose about Josh and small kids, Amy, who has her own child seemed horrified. She took the line that this time, justice should be served. In fact, she told E! News, that she wants  “to be as far away from this horrific situation as [she] possibly can.”

Clearly, Amy King has little time for Josh and the Counting On patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar. Well, seeing he went the soft route after Josh molested his sisters, Jill included, she’s been very supportive of Jill. Plus, she and Derick seem to get along as he also stood by his wife when Jim Bob wanted her to continue filming. Actually, Derick came out in favor of the cancellation of the show.

Derick Dillard In Favor Of The Cancellation Of Counting On

Over on Twitter, Derick claimed that TLC merely rebranded the show under a different name after 19 Kids and Counting was canceled. Since then, he spoke out a bit more. So, possibly, that’s why Amy called out to him on June 29. Actually, many TLC fans think that Derick put himself back through college to obtain his legal degree to take on Jim Bob. So, in his capacity as a lawyer, Amy mentioned him in her Instagram stories on Monday.

Counting On Canceled Amy King Calls Out To Derick Dillard

Buried amongst clips that revealed her shoes and dresses, Amy King suddenly started talking about the Counting On cancellation. In her Instagram stories, she wondered if NDAs still hold any gagging power once a show is canceled. She tagged Derick and mentioned him as a lawyer in the video. Finally, she told her fans that she thinks “things are going to get interesting.” Well, Amy was under an NDA, and probably, all of the family were instructed to say the bare minimum.

An interesting Question From The Duggar Cousin

Counting On NDAs are not known by the general public. However, it’s common knowledge that even ordinary employment contracts often have clauses that extend beyond someone working there. So, Amy has a very good question. No doubt, Derick Dillard acquainted himself with that long ago. Hopefully, he clears up the matter for both Amy King and his own fans.

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