OutDaughtered Troll Slaps Hard At Adam Busby Over Hazel

Fans of OutDaughtered who follow the family on Adam and Danielle Busby’s Instagrams pretty much know what the family’s up to most of the time. For those who don’t keep up with the tabloids and social media though, they sometimes miss what’s happening. Now that Hazel isn’t at cheer camp with the other quints, probably thousands of people asked in the last week where Hazel might be. Actually, one troll who clearly misses the memo about Hazel got quite spiteful with Adam on June 29.

OutDaughtered Star Adam Busby Trolled About Hazel

While most TLC fans agree that Adam and Danielle do a great job raising their kids, they are not immune from criticism. Sadly, it comes with the territory for most reality TV stars. Some fans troll subtly, like one who slapped at Adam in a passive-aggressive way. That came when Danielle went and visited a friend for a girl break after filming for Season 8 ended. Danielle shared a photo of herself grooming a donkey, and fans noted, “That’s a great pic of you and @adambuzz !!!! Jk 🤣🤣.” Kind of funny, it wasn’t too ugly. At least, not like the one he got this week about Hazel.

Every time one of the OutDaughtered quints doesn’t feature in a photo, the questions stream in. Actually, so many of them arrive that it’s easy to suspect fans think they locked an absent child away in the basement or something. That previously happened with Hazel when she didn’t join her sisters who played ball on the front lawn. Of course, people started asking where she was. So, Adam explained that she never went far. She just wandered off to collect some June bugs. Now she misses cheer camp for the second time, his post flooded with “where is Hazel?” questions. That’s when a fan got spiteful and trolled Adam.

Plenty Of Posts And Articles Reveal Where The OutDaughtered Kid Is

Recently, the family visited Lake Charles and Hazel and Blayke stayed behind for a few days. The rest of the quints returned home to attend more cheer camp. Previously, posts and articles revealed that Hazel suffers from an eye condition so her balance and coordination are not so great. So, she prefers not to attend cheer camp. After explaining that a million times or so, Adam once again spoke about why she doesn’t do cheer camp. It came in a post on June 29 when Adam Busby shared a photo of himself with four of the quints.

OutDaughtered Troll Slaps Hard At Adam Busby Over Hazel

Patiently, the OutDaughtered dad said they won’t “force” Hazel to do anything she isn’t comfortable with. Actually, a lot of fans like that approach. After all, Ava, Olivia, Parker, Riley, and Hazel might be quints, but each one is an individual. One fan said, “I’m proud of you Adam for being such a good parent. All kids are different and your quints will all grow up and have different personalities just like Hazel. ❤️👏👏”

TLC Troll Slaps Hard And Probably Unfairly

One troll told the OutDaughtered dad, “Hazel is just a stepdaughter not a real daughter.” Well, a previous article by TV Shows Ace revealed that some trolls felt Adam and Danielle favored Hazel rather too much over the other quints. It certainly looks like Adam and Danielle Busby can’t win either way.

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