Counting On Fans Hope That UPtv Might Rescue The Show

Not all followers of Counting On paint the town red and dance on the ceiling with joy about TLC canceling the show. In fact, a number of them feel that it’s very unfortunate that because of Josh Duggar, the rest of the family lose their show. From their perspective, people like Jessa and Ben Seewald never did anything wrong. So grasping at straws, they hope that UPtv might at least consider a show with the older Duggar kids minus Anna and Josh.

Loyal Counting On Fans won’t Stop Loving Jessa And Ben Seewald

Jessa and Ben seem particularly popular with fans as they seem like really nice people. Plus, fans think they do a  really good job raising their three children, Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy Jane. Even fans who hated that Jim Bob Duggar took a soft line with Josh, still eagerly followed the older kids when 19 Kids and Counting also got canceled. Of course, back then, TLC just basically reinvented it under a new name. Actually, the only difference seemed to be that Josh never appeared in the new show at all. Meanwhile, Anna, his wife often did. However, the chances of that happening again seem very slim.

The whole problem, critics felt, is that Counting On kept Jim Bob and Michelle. In fact, it seems that the outlet, along with Jim swept the molestation scandal under the rug. For many people, it seems like a firm hand when Josh was young might have ended his devious and disgusting ways long ago. Of course, with Josh now awaiting trial for serious charges involving child abuse content, the cancellation of Counting On became inevitable. Many TLC fans feel very sad that Ben and Jessa Seewald and their adorable kids won’t feature on TLC anymore.

Might The Married Counting On Kids Land Up On UPtv?

The discussion about UPtv came on June 30 in a post that Ben and Jessa Seewald shared on Instagram. They shared a nice photo of Henry, Spurgeon, and Ivy Jane cuddled together on a big bed. Many fans reacted to the photo. One of them said, “Ivy Jane is sure lucky to have two big brothers!! 💙💙💓” Actually, quite a lot of fans said nice things about the sweet kids. However, many more said how much they will miss the TLC show.

Counting On Fans Hope That UPtv Might Rescue The Show

One Counting On fan asked, “Sad no more counting on. UP [tv]?? Bates are there!!??” Then another one commented, “Sooo sad to hear about the show being canceled! Doesn’t seem right at all… @up_tv should pickup the girls and do a NEW SHOW!!!! 🙏🙏.” Meanwhile, other fans just hoped that somehow, in the future, they see more of the cast members like Ben and Jessa. Are fans being way too hopeful that UPtv might take on the Duggar girls?

UPtv Pulled 7th Heaven In 2014

While UPtv carries Bringing Up Bates, which has some comparisons to Counting On, the network previously pulled 7th Heaven after molestation allegations arose. That came when TMZ broke the news that apparently, Stephen Collins molested children back in 2012.  So probably, they won’t be interested in such a scandal-ridden family like that of Josh Duggar’s. Although they brought 7th Heaven back briefly, backlash quickly took it down again.

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