OutDaughtered: Busby Family Has A Major Blast On The 4th Of July

The OutDaughtered family always enjoy the 4th of July and some historical scenes of them celebrating seemed particularly cute. In fact, Adam Busby shared some videos on his “It’s A Buzz World” vlog on YouTube dating back to 2017. The 2018 video saw little Hazel reciting the pledge of allegiance. This year, as the kids are older, they opted for a pool party at home. It came along with a difference though, and it looks like they all had a total blast.

OutDaughtered 4th Of July Involved Family And Friends

Ahead of the 4th of July weekend, the Busby family spent a lot of time enjoying water activities. Actually, it’s been a hot summer in Texas and the kids love swimming. So, a pool party seems like a great idea. The Busby family kickstarted their summer break with a trip to Splashway Water Park. Not far from where they live, the kids opted for some watery fun. Photos came along that showed them enjoying the wave pool. Plus, Hazel overcame her fears and went down some of the big slides with her dad.

After that, the OutDaughtered family visited relatives up in Lake Charles. Adam Busby told his fans that the kids enjoyed swimming in Nana’s pool. Back home, they left some experts working on their own pool as they resurfaced it. Additonally, they laid a cool deck because the pebbles burned the quints’ feet. Well, when they returned home, all the work was completed. Actually, Hazel and Blayke stayed on for a few extra days in Lake Charles but rejoined the family in time for the 4th of July. Lots of friends and family attended their pool party.

Pool Party For The OutDaughtered Family

On her main Instagram page, Danielle Busby shared a photo of the adults enjoying time in the pool. She said that they only found room in it as the kids all played on the water slide. Meanwhile, over on her Instagram stories, she revealed more about their day. Several photos revealed that their treats and snacks were all done in red, white, and blue. Previously, Danielle mentioned that her best friend came along. And, judging by the snacks she put together, she’s got a whole lot of talent for catering.

OutDaughtered Busby Family Has A Major Blast On The 4th Of July

Danielle told her OutDaughtered fans that they hired a huge waterslide. Unfortunately, the only one available came with Zombies all over it. Not to worry though, as the kids loved it. As you can see in the photos, Adam Busby also enjoyed playing around on the slide.

Adults Play A Game Of Water Polo

Adam Busby, the patriarch of OutDaughtered also shared some clips on his stories. In his slides, it revealed that the adults played a sort of water polo game. All the kids sat around the edge of the pool cheering them on. Certainly, it looked like plenty of special memories were made on the 4th of July.

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