You, Me, and My Ex Spoilers: What is Jerry Phlippeau’s Job?

You, Me, and My Ex spoilers reveal that many fans of the new TLC show are curious about what Jerry Phlippeau does for work. On the show, he is currently living with his ex-wife and new girlfriend. The situation is extremely weird, but it looks as if they are getting through it in the best way that they can. Their home seems incredibly spacious and that has led many to wonder what kind of money Jerry is making.

Jerry’s Story

When we first saw Jerry on the show, he had a lot to share about the women in his life. He has four children with Jessica, his ex-wife and when they got a divorce, he got very sick. She decided to take care of him and do anything she could to help him in the house. COVID then happened and then he couldn’t even go outside because he was scared that he would get it and his health would go downhill. This is another reason that Jessica and the kids stayed.

Before COVID hit, Jerry was traveling and met his new girlfriend, Kayee Lovey at an airport when he was going on a trip. She was working at the airport and they had a very quick and deep connection. They went on a date and when the pandemic began, it was strictly online dating. He decided to tell her that he wanted her to move in with them. This was a huge shock to everyone and now we get to see it all on the show.

You, Me, and My Ex Spoilers: What is Jerry Phlippeau’s Job?

Jerry’s Job

Jerry seems to live in the lap of luxury, so what does he do for work? He has his own brand, FLIPO. He has been making all types of useful, household inventions for over twenty years. His company makes battery storage cases and other useful tools.

By taking a look at the FLIPO Instagram page, you can see all of the items that he has invented and just how he has managed to make so much money in his life.

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