Audrey Roloff Left Social Media Ahead Of Pregnancy Announcement

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy already raise Ember and Bode. They always figured on more than two kids, so fans shouldn’t be surprised that they announced she’s expecting.  The news came on July 3 via Jeremy and Audrey and they sound ecstatic. However, fans probably wonder why she left social media ahead of the announcement. Was it to prevent herself from giving the pregnancy news away? Or did she respect Tori’s loss?

Audrey Roloff Left Social Media

Back in mid-May, Jeremy’s wife told her fans that she planned on taking a break from social media. In fact, she basically told them not to bother sending her DMs as she removed the app from her phone. By June 10, she still stayed off social media. Fans started wondering if she’d ever return. However, she reappeared on Father’s Day and wished Jeremy a lot of special things. Since then, she posted fairly regularly about her little family. Now that the pregnancy reveal came, perhaps she stays on and talks her way through it with fans.

Audrey Roloff Left Social Media Ahead Of Pregnancy Announcement

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy wanted more kids. The Little People, Big World alums mentioned that back in April. Jeremy hoped for four kids, probably because he grew up with Molly, Zach, and Jacob. However, from the way she spoke in April they don’t plan on putting a cap on the number of kids they produce. However, back in March and April this year, the interest of fans moved to Tori, her sister-in-law. TLC fans heard that she suffered a miscarriage. The news came in the first half of March.

Audrey Roloff Might Have Been Pregnant When Tor’s Miscarriage happened

TLC fans don’t know the exact date that Tori Roloff lost her baby. However, she told fans about it ahead of Season 22 of Little People, Big World. When the news came in March, and she said they lost the baby at eight weeks. Well, Jeremy and Audrey announced their baby arrives in November 2021. So, possibly Audrey was pregnant when the sad news came for Tori. Actually, vague dates still allow for the fact that she probably knew in late February or early March that she fell pregnant.

Audrey Roloff is probably not a ghastly person, as so many of her trolls believe. So, it’s quite possible that she went off social media to give Tori some breathing space during her time of grief. Now at about four months along, it also means that fans of Little People, Big World all know about Tori’s miscarriage. So, it’s a relevant time to share the news that she expects her third child.

Tori And Her Sister-In-Law Had Their Previous Babies Close Together

At one stage, TLC trolls accused Audrey Roloff of planning a pregnancy for the same time as Tori. However, Jeremy vehemently denied it. In the meantime, fans put those old snarky rumors away and sent in many congratulations about the new baby.

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