Little People Big World: Lilah Roloff Walks Into 4th Of July Celebrations

Little People, Big World fans felt a bit concerned as  Lilah Roloff took quite a long time to sit up unaided. Additionally, she seemed a little bit behind other kids of the same age with her walking ability. Well, she finally got the hang of it and walked all by herself on the 4th of July! Actually, she clutched onto one of Tori’s fingers for a bit. However, she made it across the room, so that’s another milestone done and dusted for the cute little kid.

Little People, Big World starlet Lilah Roloff Makes Her Mom Smile

Lilah Roloff took a bad tumble back in May. TLC fans thought that perhaps she struggled with walking because of her eyesight. Well, toddlers fall over when they start exploring how their legs work and she got over it. Later, TLC fans saw that she finally became more mobile if she pushed her toy stroller along. Well, on the 4th of July, she managed to walks across the room without it. Her big brother Jackson sat with his mom and watched as she motored across the room.

As you can imagine, the Little People, Big World mom looked thrilled with Lilah Roloff as she finally reached this milestone. Can you remember when Jackson first walked? That came at the end of August in 2018. The news came via Instagram stories and Soap Dirt shared the news. Back then, Zach and Tori and revealed him toddling around the Portland Airport. At the time, he was 14 months old. Lilah arrived in November 2020 so she took a few months extra before she accomplished the same goal. Actually, neither child seemed particularly slow. In fact, children start waking any time between nine and 20 months old.

4th Of July For Zach And Tori Of Little People, Big World On TLC

Ahead of the 4th of July, Tori took Jackson to Disneyland. However, she and Zach felt that Lilah Roloff seemed a bit young for the adventure. So, he stayed behind with their little girl. At the time, Tori said that they still plan a visit there with their whole family. So, by the next time that vacation rolls around, Lilah probably toddles around like an expert! Naturally, fans take a huge interest in the two little kids. Loved by thousands of TLC fans, the sight of Lilah walking on her own probably made a lot of people smile on the 4th of July.

Little People Big World Lilah Roloff Walks Into 4th Of July Celebrations

The Little People, Big World family also posed for a 4th of July photo. Judging by the background, it’s possible they celebrated at Roloff Farms. Lilah Roloff wore a cute blue and white dress. In her hair, she sported a red and white bow. She and Tori held a little stars and stripes flag. Meanwhile, Jackson stood next to his dad. His shorts came with red stripes. Then, he wore a white tee-shirt with blue trimming.

Will Lilah And Jackson Need Surgery?

In Little People, Big World Season 22, fans heard that Zach seemed very anxious as Jackson might need extensive surgery for his bowed legs. However, the doctors set that aside for much later in his life. Then, Tori spoke about Lilah Roloff needing eye surgery. If she has it though, it might only be a small operation, done in one day.

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