Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Shares The Family ‘Playing Tourist’

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown seemed very excited last week when she shared the news that her whole family, bar Logan flew out to visit Maddie Brown Brush. At the time, she posted a photo of herself with Savanah, Gabe, and Garrison. Hunter didn’t feature in the photo, but he also joined them later. Now, she shared about the family “playing tourist” during their vacation.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown Went On Vacay After Moving Into Her RV

June made for a busy month for Kody’s second wife. TLC fans heard that her rental home in Flagstaff went on the market. However, it sold very fast. So, she quickly made a plan and moved onto the property at Coyote Pass. There, she lives out a dream she held for a very long time. Actually, she now lives in a really nice-looking RV. Well TLC fans can only imagine the rush and packing, the storage and sorting that went into all of that. So no doubt, she thoroughly enjoys leisure time with all the kids this summer.

Sister Wives fans know that Janelle dotes on her two grandchildren, Axel and Evie K. So, the fact that she and the rest of the kids catch up with Maddie Brown Brush this summer, probably puts the cherry on top of her summer. Axel’s old enough to thoroughly enjoy a vacation as he recently turned four years old. Plus, Evie K toddles around happily. Photos from Maddie of their vacation revealed Gabe and Garrison help to entertain the sweet little girl. Well, Hunter’s also there now, so he also features in her Instrgam stories.

Janelle Brown Shared With Sister Wives Fans About ‘Playing Tourist’

On July 2, Janelle shared a story and explained that Hunter and the family all met up in Williamsburg, Virginia. Maddie posted most of the photos in her stories, but her mom also shared a few. One of them revealed that Gabe helped to catch a firefly for Axel so he could look at it in a bottle. Then on July 3, she shared a photo of the family visiting the Jamestown Settlement. Those fans who live in the area seemed delighted that the family visits their home turf.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Shares The Family 'Playing Tourist'

In her caption, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown wrote, “Playing tourist at Jamestown Settlement, VA.” Plus, she tagged Hunter, Garrison, and Maddie. One TLC fan seemed so excited about them being there that they invited the family to visit their party on July 4. However, they probably already made plans for that already. Meanwhile, another fan commented, “I haven’t been there since I was a kid (that was long ago) it still looks the same – great place to spend 4th of July!

TLC Fans Wonder Where Kody Is

Sister Wives fans always ask about Kody when they see the Brown family out and about. Well, when a fan asked, Janelle didn’t reply. In fact, the family almost never does. It seems that out of season, he prefers his privacy. In fact, the last time he posted on Instagram came on July 5 last year.

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