My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Did Whitney Way Thore Give Up Weight Lifting?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore featured on TLC in early 2020 at a weight lifting competition. That came after 2019 saw her doing a lot of training. With the help of her trainer, Jessica Powell, it looked like she expanded her fitness interests into another arena. In fact, she participated in the North Carolina State Weight Lifting Championship and fans saw that she took home a medal. So, will she return to it?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Way Thore Stayed Quiet For A Bit

Whitney Way Thore went very quiet on social media for a while, until the fast announcement arrived about a renewal of  MBFFL. Filling time between seasons, the TLC star posted up some rather mundane stories and throwback photos. However, it seemed that she was being cautious about giving away spoilers for Season 9. Some fans thought that perhaps the new season might focus on her undergoing weight loss surgery. However, when she shared a vid of herself skipping, it seemed that little changed in the weight department.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 9 revealed no spoilers from TLC on her weight loss. People think she had it, and others doubt it. After all, she uses a lot of filters on her social media posts these days. Anyway, potentially, it’s a filler story that TLC could play out over several seasons, if necessary. In the meantime, fans wonder if Whitney might start weight lifting again. After all, people might not like training with larger people, but they certainly might train alongside a weight lifting medalist.

Fans Saw A Post That Showed The My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star In A Bodysuit

Whitney Way Thore talked about weight lifting in a post that she popped up on Instagram on Monday, July 5. She wore a bodysuit and it came in the format of an advert. In her caption, she wrote, “OBSESSED with this bodysuit.” Apart from some advert blurb, she talked about weight lifting. She noted, “can’t wait to enter another weightlifting competition because this would be the perfect “singlet” to wear!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Did Whitney Way Thore Give Up Weight Lifting

Of course, during the coronavirus quarantine, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star mostly stayed home. In fact, she wouldn’t let her mom out at all. Then when things started easing back, a lot of restrictions came for places like gyms. So probably, she never really had the opportunity for some serious training. It’s nice to hear that she still hopes for more weight lifting competitions. Hopefully, things keep on improving, so TLC fans have an opportunity to see her win more medals in the future.

MBFFL Spoilers For Season 9

My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns with Whitney Way Thore on Tuesday, August 17. It’s not likely that she does any weightlifting in the new season. After all, TLC advised fans that she explores a new relationship. This time, it’s a long-distance one and involves a guy from Paris. Fans will also see something about her NoBSActive. Apparently, Whitney feels sad because people don’t like seeing large people trying to get fit.

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